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The following is the update schedule for Lineage 2 Revolution. The patch history only shows patches that change the core gameplay. Patches for limited events are not recorded on this page. Visit the official Netmarble forums for full details.

Current Version[ | ]

February 25 2020

Update Details[ | ]

Table of Contents

1. New Mounts

2. Mount Limit Break and Enchantment

3. Adjustments to Mounts

4. Bug Fixes

1. New Mounts

- 3 New Mounts have been added.

- Combination and Salvage will be added to the workshop menu for the new Mounts.

1) Water Buffalo

> P. Def., M. Def., Max HP, HP Regen, Resilience, Penetration, Crit. Resist Rate Increase

> Water Buffalo can be Enchanted.

> Limit Break on Water Buffalo is available.

2) Black Cat

- When you attempt to use Black Cat as your Mount, your character will turn into a Black Cat.

> P. Def., M. Def., Max MP, Penetration, Crit. Rate

> Black Cat can be Enchanted.

> Limit Break on Black Cat is available.

3) Golden War Horse

> P. Atk., M. atk., Max HP, HP Regen, Resilience, Penetration, Crit. Rate

> Golden War Horse can be Enchanted.

> Limit Break on Golden War Horse is available.

2. Mount Limit Break and Enchantment

- 6 Mounts will be changed to enable Limit Break.

> Existing Mounts : Rudolph, Scooter, Camelot, Eggcellency, Halloween Magic Broom, Golden Boar.

- The 5 Mounts listed below have been adjusted to allow Enchantment.

> Mounts : Rudolph, Scooter, Eggcellency, Halloween Magic Broom, Golden Boar.

3. Adjustments to Mounts

1) Enchantment Adjustments

- The item needed to Enchant the Camelot Mount has been changed to 'Magical Enchanting Stone (T2)

2) Mount Workshop Combination Adjustments

- The Mount Binding Hornflute combination in the workshop will be removed.

> Zephyr Roc's Binding Hornflute combination, which can be obtained only by defeating a Field Boss, will be maintained.

- The amount of Summoning Stones obtained from salvaging Binding Hornflutes will change from 7 to 1. (Excluding Rudolph)

- Due to the removal of the Maned Lion, War Elephant, and Camelot Mount Binding Hornflutes, you will receive 10 Summoning Stones of the same type if you have the Binding Hornflue in your inventory.

3) Mount Summon Condition Adjustments

- Summoning certain Mounts will no longer require a Binding Hornflute.

  > Binding Hornflutes removed : Silver Saint, Kukurin, Halloween Magic Broom, Eggcellency, Bicycle.

  > For the Binding Hornflutes currently in possession, we will send 10 Summoning Stones of the same type.

4) Rudolph Mount Adjustments

- For the Mount Rudolph, only "One Rudolph Summoning Bell" will be required for summoning.

  > Existing "Rudolph Summoning Stones" will be deleted after the update, and 55 Advancement  Stones will be sent per Summoning Stone.

  > When you salvage the ‘Rudolf Summoning Bell’, 55 Advancement Stones can be acquired.

4. Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where the game ended occasionally while auto-questing scrolls.

- Fixed an issue where Bounty Hunter's Coin of Maphr skill cooldown reduction was not properly applied in Dual Class.

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