Lineage 2 Revolution Wiki

Description of Substats[]

Substats are the statistics and changeable values of equipment.

Equipment Substats[]

  1. Weapon
    • Physical Attack Weapon
      • P.Atk (Physical Attack) - Base modifier for Physical Attack value
      • Atk. Spd. Increase Rate - Base modifier for attack speed rate
      • Penetration
      • HP Drain
      • Crit. R
      • Ignore Def. Dmg.
      • Exp Increase Rate
      • Adena Gain Increase Rate
    • Magical Attack Weapon
      • M.Atk ((Magical Attack) - Base modifier for Magical Attack value
  2. Armour
    • Max Hp
    • Max Mp
    • P. Def
    • M. Def
    • Atk. Spd. Increase Rate (Boots)
    • Fixed Damage Decrease
    • Hp Drain
    • Evasion
    • Ignore Def. Dmg.
    • Resilience- decreases Atk. of attacker.
    • Penetration- decreases the Def. of enemy being hit.
    • MP Cost Decrease Rate- reduces cost of MP for abilities by a factor.
    • Skill Cooldown Decrease
    • Exp. Gain Increase Rate
    • Abnormal Status Resist
    • Speed Increase Rate (armor & boots)
  3. Accessories
    • P. Atk.
    • Accuracy
    • Critical Damage Increase Rate
    • Penetration
    • HP Drain
    • P. Def.
    • Critical Resistance
    • Max HP
    • HP Regen Rate
    • Max MP
    • MP Cost Decrease Rate
    • Speed Increase Rate
    • Adena Gain Increase Rate
    • EXP Gain Increase Rate

Priority Substat List:


  • Primary: Attack Speed Increase Rate, Crit Rate, HP Drain
  • Secondary: Critical Damage Increase Rate, Penetration


  • Primary: HP Drain, P. Def, M. Def
  • Secondary: Penetration


  • Primary: P. Def, M. Def, Resilience, Evasion
  • Secondary: Speed Increase Rate


  • Primary: P. Def, M. Def, Evasion
  • Secondary: Penetration


  • Primary: Attack Speed, Evasion, Resilience
  • Secondary: Speed Increase Rate

Necklace - HP Drain, Attack Speed, Critical Resist, Resilience.

Earrings - HP Drain, Speed, Critical Resist, Penetration.

Rings - HP Drain, Critical Rate, Critical Damage Increase, Critical Resist.