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Soul Crystals are socketable gemstomes that enhance equipment in Lineage 2: Revolution. Soul Crystals comprise of the condensed essence of strong monster souls, each granting a different boost to your stats. All player equipment has up to 6 socketable slots, unlocking one-by-one as the item grade increases. There are 9 types of Soul Crystal available, but there are some restrictions on which crystals can fit onto a piece of equipment. Click here for more information on Stats.

Socket Slots[]

Starting at C-Grade, all equipment has 1 slot for soul crystals. The color of the slot determines the type of soul crystal that can be equipped in that slot. Soul crystals that do not match the color of the slot cannot be equipped there. It is recommended to equip your strongest soul crystals only on your best armor, otherwise additional Adena will be required to transfer them to new equipment.

Upgrading Soul Crystals[]

Like all other equipment, soul crystals can be improved by increasing its level, up to level 5. Leveling up soul crystals requires Adena and other soul crystals.

Once at max. level, the soul crystal can be upgraded to the next grade for Adena. No materials are required for upgrading. In addition, the soul crystal does not need to be socketed before level up or upgrading.

Removing/Transferring Soul Crystals[]

Once a soul crystal is socketed into a slot, it is bound to that piece of equipment. If the socketed equipment is consumed as material, the soul crystals will be consumed as well. In order to shift soul crystals from one piece of equipment to another, they must first be removed. Removing soul crystals from a socket costs a large amount of Adena, increasing based on the grade of soul crystal being removed. Players may also sell the crystal in the slot in order to change the crystal, however the crystal will be lost.(soul crystals socketed into armor will NOT be consumed when combining the first piece, however the secondary consumed armor will. Enhancements will also be carried over.)

Soul Crystal Grade C B A S R SR
Adena cost to remove 10,000 30,000 70,000 150,000 300,000 600,000
Estimated cost for Lv. 5 3,000 8,500 28,000 75,000 200,000
Cost to upgrade 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000 N/A

Soul Crystal Types[]

Soul Crystals come in 9 different colors, each granting a different stat boost to your equipment. They can only be equipped on certain types of equipment with the same colored sockets.

  1. Soul Crystal of Attack (Purple) - Equip on Weapon and Gloves
  2. Soul Crystal of Defense (Yellow) - Equip on Helmet and Armor
  3. Soul Crystal of HP (Red) - Equip on Helmet and Armor
  4. Soul Crystal of Accuracy (Cyan) - Equip on Boots and Necklace
  5. Soul Crystal of Evasion (Green) - Equip on Boots and Necklace
  6. Soul Crystal of Critical Rate (Orange) - Equip on Weapon and Gloves
  7. Soul Crystal of Critical Resist (Blue) - Equip on Earrings
  8. Soul Crystal of Penetration (Silver/Blue) - Equip on Rings
  9. Soul Crystal of Resilience (Black) - Equip on Earrings

Equipment Slot Placement[]

Equipment / Grade C B A S R SR
Weapon Purple Orange Purple Orange Purple Orange
Helmet Yellow Red Yellow Red Yellow Red
Armour Yellow Red Yellow Red Yellow Red
Gloves Purple Orange Purple Orange Purple Orange
Boots Cyan Green Cyan Green Cyan Green
Necklace Cyan Green Cyan Green Cyan Green
Earring Blue Black Blue Black Blue Black
Ring Silver/Blue Silver/Blue Silver/Blue Silver/Blue Silver/Blue Silver/Blue

Secondary Stats[]

Soul crystals come with one main stat bonus, determined by their color, and one additional secondary stat bonus. Secondary stats are smaller than the primary stat bonus and can also be the same as the primary stat. The types of possible secondary stats on a soul crystal are limited by its color (i.e. defensive crystals will not have P. Atk or Penetration as a bonus stat). Secondary stats also increase when soul crystals level up and is carried over when a soul crystal is upgraded to the next rank.

Stats Description[]

  • P.Atk - Base modifier for Physical Attack value
  • M.Atk - Base modifier for Magical Attack value
  • P.Def - Base modifier for Physical Damage reduction
  • M.Def - Base modifier for Magical Damage reduction
  • HP - Health Point
  • MP - Magical Point
  • Crit. Rate - Chances of landing a critical hit when attacking
  • Critical Resistance - Reduce the chances of being inflicted with a critical hit
  • Critical Damage - Base modifier for total Critical Attack value base of P.Atk/M.Atk
  • Penetration - Decrease defense value of target
  • Resilience - Decrease attack value of target
  • Accuracy - Base modifier to determine the chance to land a hit
  • Evasion - Base modifier to determine the chance of target not hitting you
  • HP Regen - Increase the amount of hp recovery per tick
  • MP Regen - Increase the amount of Mp recovery per tick
  • Ignore Defence Damage - Unknown
  • Fixed Damage Decrease - Unknown