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Silver Ranger
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Optimal Weapons
Light Armor

The Silver Ranger is a Elf-restricted Rogue-specific job in Lineage 2: Revolution. Silver Rangers are long ranged damage dealers, striking enemies from distance with rapid attacks. Their arrows penetrate through multiple enemies in a straight line and are most effective in narrow spaces. They wield Bows and wear Light Armor.

Active Skills[]

Lethal Shot[]

[Bow Only]

  • Fires a sharp, penetrating arrow to deal damage and stun enemies.
  • Damage: 188% of Atk. +3062
  • Stun targets for 2 sec.

Double Wide Shot[]

[Bow Only]

  • Fires two arrow-shaped energy bolts, dealing damage to the enemies they penetrate. Decreases the Def. of hit enemies.
  • Damage: 111% of Atk. +1304 for every 2 shots.
  • Decreases targets’ Def. by 5% for 10 sec.

Mind's Eye[]

[Bow Only]

  • Greatly increases Crit. Rate.
  • Crit. Rate +346
  • Duration: 30 sec.

Double Quick Step[]

[Bow Only]

  • Increases Atk. Spd. and Speed.
  • Speed +3500%, Atk. Spd. +10%
  • Duration: 30 sec.

Energy Blast[]

[Any Weapon]

  • Creates a concentration of energy in front and detonates it to deal damage to enemies.
  • Damage: 130% of Atk. +50

Mortal Blow[]

[Power Thrust]

  • Charges up, then attacks at full power and knocks down the enemy.
  • Damage: 150% of Atk. +61
  • Knock down targets for 2 sec.

Power Thrust[]

[Dagger Only]

  • Dashes through enemies while attacking, briefly stunning them.
  • Damage: 161% of Atk. +67
  • Stun targets for 2 sec.

Power Shot[]

[Bow Only]

  • Fires an arrow that damages and knocks down the enemy.
  • Damage: 120% of Atk. +49
  • Knock down targets for 2 sec.

Double Show[]

[Bow Only]

  • Fires two arrows at enemies in front to deal powerful damage.
  • Damage: 90% of Atk. +35 for every 2 shots.

Passive Skills[]



  • Increases the Accuracy of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.
  • Party members’ Accuracy +455



  • Increases the damage of basic attacks.
  • Dmg. of Basic Attack +3%

Elven Potential[]


  • Agile movement allows Elves to have a higher Evasion against enemy attacks.
  • Bonuses to Evasion, Speed, and M. Atk.

Rogue Weapon Mastery[]


  • Increases Atk. when a dagger or bow is equipped.
  • Atk. +12

Light Armor Mastery[]


  • Increases Evasion Rate when Light Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
  • Evasion Rate +2%
  • Stacks with each piece: Headgear, Armor, Gloves, Boots.



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