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Lineage 2: Revolution tells its story through a series of Quests. There are a few types of quests available to provide EXP and Adena. They are the Main Story Quests, Daily Quests, Weekly Quests and Sub-quests.

Main Story Quests[]

Official Summary[]

Lineage 2 Revolution provides a very pleasant and convenient quest interface for anyone to easily immerse themselves in the Lineage world. The quests the player must perform are always available on the quest menu, and you can find information about the NPCs that can receive the following quests, even after receiving the quest.

Touch 'Quest Menu' and we will guide you in detail where you should carry out your mission. Wait! If you lose your way during the quest, will guide direction to process quest. The 'quest indicator', a brightly colored arrow, will tell you where you need to perform your mission.


Each episode of the main story in Lineage 2: Revolution takes place within one region of the game map. An episode is split into several chapters, each containing around 8-12 smaller quests. The main story serves as a way to integrate a tutorial into the game as seamlessly as possible. Most of the content in the game is introduced to your character by an NPC during a quest in the main story. That content remains locked until that particular episode comes to pass.

  1. East Talking Island
  2. West Talking Island
  3. Gludin Highway
  4. Gludio Plains
  5. Windawood Manor
  6. Wasteland
  7. Plains of Dion
  8. Cruma Swamp
  9. Summit of Dissonance
  10. Shrieking Hallows
  11. Giran Dominion
  12. Deathly Fog Shores
  13. Devil's Isle
  14. Haunted Necropolis
  15. Northwind Plateau
  16. Eternal Lands
  17. Ivory Tower Conquered Territory
  18. Dragon Valley

Daily Quests[]

Each character may complete up to 12 Daily Quests each day. Completing these quests will award your character with a tidy amount of EXP and Adena based on the grade of the quest. The number of attempts resets at 4:00 am server time. Daily quests will require the player to complete certain tasks in order to complete the quest and receive the reward. You must start each quest before progress can be made towards a task. If players are unable to complete the required task, the quest will be completed automatically after the time expires and the quest reward can still be claimed in full. The duration for automatic completion is based on the grade of the quest.

Only three quest slots are available at anytime. Players may refresh the list to try to find higher grade quests for greater rewards. This can be done for free up to three times a day; additional refresh attempts will cost 15,000 Adena. Alternatively, all free quest slots can be refreshed to the highest grade (R-grade) for 160 Red Diamonds. It is important to note that only free quest slots will be changed when refreshing quests; any quest that is in progress will retain their current task and grade. The quest grade ranges from C-grade to R-grade, with R-grade bearing the highest rewards. Regardless of grade, the quest reward generally increases with your character's level.

List of possible daily quests[]

Quest Name Description
Unstoppable Victories In the Arena, get (x) wins in a row.
Hone Your Offense Collect (x) amount of Weapon Enchantments.
Only He Who Challenges Will Be Rewarded Successfully enchant an item (x) times.
Unstoppable Growth Use (x) amount of ingredients for equipment level-ups.
Hone Your Defenses Collect (x) amount of Armor Enchantments.
Superpower Do (x) damage in 1 blow.
Basics of Missions Kill (x) amount of monsters.
Trophies of War Collect (x) amount of Monster Cores.
Upgrade Your Power Level Use (x) amount of Soulshots.
Kill Monsters in Elite Dungeons Kill (x) amount of monsters in the Elite Dungeons.
Elite Dungeons Specialist Enter an Elite Dungeon (x) times. (This refers to completing the mission for the Elite Dungeon)
Collect Soul Stones Collect (x) amount of Soul Stones.
Health Maintenance is a Given Use HP/MP potions (x) times.
Master of Combos Build (x) number of combos.

The table below shows the potential quest rewards for each grade, shown as a multiple using the reward for C-grade quests as the reference.

Quest grades and rewards
Quest Grade Quest Reward Auto Completion Time Complete now cost
C 1.0x 1 Hour 5,000 Adena
B 1.2x 2 Hours 10,000 Adena
A 1.5x 3 Hours 15,000 Adena
S 2.0x 4 Hours 20,000 Adena
R 3.0x 5 Hours 25,000 Adena

Weekly Quests[]

The tasks for weekly quests typically require players to kill a certain number of monsters, or one boss monster for the region designated for their current level. The region is decided at the start of the day after the daily reset at 4:00 am and will not change until the next day, even if the character's level goes up significantly. Each weekly quest awards a relatively high amount of EXP and Adena; the reward is comparable to R-grade daily quests. On top of EXP and Adena rewards, there are also additional rewards for completing a certain number of weekly quests in that week.

Players can complete up to 15 Weekly quests each day, up to a total of 105 Weekly Quests in a week. Only one weekly quest may be active at a time. Players may spend 50 Red Diamonds to instantly complete their current active weekly quest.

Milestone rewards for weekly quest completion
Number of Weekly Quests Completed Reward
10 A-Grade Varnish Box
20 Old Relic
30 A-Grade Varnish Box
40 High Grade Materials Chest
50 S-Grade Varnish Box
60 Radiant Relic


Sub-quests are available starting from level 20 and can be started by using a sub-quest scroll from your inventory. They range from C-grade quests to S-grade quests.These quest scrolls can be found by hunting monsters in the region or purchased from the item shop. Players may use 5 lower grade scrolls and combine them into one scroll of a higher grade, up to A-grade scrolls. S-grade quest scrolls are only available for purchase in the item shop for Red Diamonds. Each character may start 5 Sub-quests for free each day. The number of attempts can be reset by spending 50 Red Diamonds, up to three times each day, allowing for up to 20 Sub-quests to be completed in a day.

Only one sub-quest may be active at a time. Using another sub-quest scroll while another is currently active will cancel the previous one and spend one attempt. Sub-quests provide the most Adena among the quests available, as well as HP/MP potions or a few Soulshot charges. The rewards are based on the level of the quest scroll and is not affected by character level.

Quest Scroll Region C-Grade Rewards

EXP / Adena

B-Grade Rewards

EXP / Adena

A-Grade Rewards

EXP / Adena

S-Grade Rewards

EXP / Adena

Lv. 20 Gludio Highway 4,000 / 900 7,000 / 2,600 9,000 / 5,200 17,000 / 8,600
Lv. 30 Gludio Plains 15,000 / 1,300 25,000 / 3,900 35,000 / 7,700 55,000 / 12,800
Lv. 40 Windawood Manor 18,000 / 1,500 30,000 / 4,500 40,000 / 9,000 70,000 / 15,100
Lv. 50 Wasteland 20,000 / 2,100 35,000 / 6,200 45,000 / 12,500 80,000 / 20,800
Lv. 60 Plain of Dion 22,000 / 2,300 38,000 / 7,000 50,000 / 14,000 83,000 / 23,300
Lv. 75 Cruma Swamp 25,000 / 3,000 40,000 / 8,900 55,000 / 17,800 85,000 / 29,700
Lv. 90 Summit of Dissonance 28,000 / 3,200 45,000 / 9,700 60,000 / 19,200 90,000 / 32,300
Lv. 105 Shrieking Hallows 32,000 / 3,700 55,000 / 11,000 80,000 / 21,900 125,000 / 36,500
Lv. 120 Giran Dominion 45,000 / 3,900 70,000/ 12,000 100,000 / 23,000 180,000/ 38,000
Lv. 135 Deathly Fog Shores 50,000 / 4,100 80,000 / 13,000 115,000 / 24,000 200,000/ 40,000
Lv. 150 Devil's Isle 55,000 / 4,300 90,000 / 14,000 130,000 / 25,000 220,000/ 42,000
Lv. 165 Haunted Necropolis 60,000 / 4,500 100,000 / 15,000 140,000 / 26,000 240,000 / 44,000
Lv. 180 Northwind Plateau 65,000 / 4,700 110,000 / 16,000 150,000 / 27,000 260,000 / 46,000
Lv. 200 Eternal Lands 70,000 / 4,900 120,000 / 17,000 160,000 / 28,000 280,000 / 48,000
Lv. 230 Ivory Tower Conquered Territory 75,000 / 5,100 130,000 / 18,000 170,000 / 29,000 300,000 / 50,000
Lv. 260 Dragon Valley 78,000 / 5,300 133,000 / 19,000 173,000 / 30,000 307,000 / 51,000
Lv. 270 Promised Land 81,000 / 5,500 136,000 / 20,000 176,000 / 31,000 314,000 / 52,000
Lv. 295 Ancient Dragon Mountain Range