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The Proof of Blood is a currency item in Lineage 2: Revolution.


Any mob with the title above their name 'Evil of Blood' will have a chance to drop both Proof of Blood and Red Starstone.

Below are the elite dungeons and mobs that drop Proof of Bloods and Red Starstone.

Elven Ruins 1

  • Spartoi Archer lv22
  • Spartoi Warrior lv22
  • Subterranean Pincher lv25

Elven Ruins 2

  • Spartoi Knight lv31
  • Spartoi Sniper lv31
  • Spotter lv31
  • Spartoi Sniper lv33
  • Spartoi Knight lv33
  • Shaper lv35

Ant Nest 1

  • Ant Captain LV50
  • Ant Patrol lv54

Ant Nest 2

  • Noble Ants lv70
  • Ant Soldier Royal Guard lv78
  • Noble Ant Leader lv84

Cruma Tower Floor 2

  • Mordeo's Mirror Image lv100
  • Susceptor Prime lv104
  • Susceptor Prime lv108
  • Magical Excuro lv108

Cruma Tower Floor 3

  • Deranged Meforde lv120
  • Deranged Meforde lv124
  • Validus Mutant lv124
  • Rorka lv128
  • Validus Mutant lv128

Ivory Tower Catacomb 1

  • Tainted Scorpion lv136
  • Tepra Scorpion lv140
  • Premo The Tainted lv146

Ivory Tower Catacomb 2

  • Stakato Trooper lv156
  • Enhanced Perum lv162
  • Enhanced Gargoyle lv156

Ivory Tower Catacomb 3

  • Skeleton Troopers(Skullchaser) lv168
  • Dark General(Creatus) lv174
  • Cave Sahara(Sandstorm) lv182
  • Dark Soul Dark Prima(Demonic Soulstone: Guillotine) Lv182