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All of the Territories in Lineage 2: Revolution have mobs that can be destroyed for certain items.


Image Name Found In
Adolf.png Adolf
Agarez.png Agarez
Alarac.png Alarac
Albert.png Albert
Alexander.png Alexander
Alfonso.png Alfonso
Alkaios.png Alkaios Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Amadeus.png Amadeus
Amden Orc Shaman.png Amden Orc Shaman
Amos.png Amos
Angler Beast.png Angler Beast
Ant.png Ant Ant Nest 1
Ant Captain.png Ant Captain Ant Nest 1
Ant Larva.png Ant Larva Ant Nest 2
Ant Overseer.png Ant Overseer Ant Nest 2
Ant Patrol.png Ant Patrol Ant Nest 1
Ant Soldier.png Ant Soldier Ant Nest 1
Ant Soldier Larva.png Ant Soldier Larva Ant Nest 1
Ant Soldier Recruit.png Ant Soldier Recruit Ant Nest 2
Ant Soldier Royal Guard.png Ant Soldier Royal Guard Ant Nest 2
Big Horn Antelope.png Antelope
Apostle.png Apostle
Archon Bamue.png Archon Bamue
Argos.png Argos
Atrox.png Atrox
Avetura.png Avetura Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Azrael.png Azrael
Balthazar.png Balthazar
Barbara.png Barbara
Wasteland Basilisk.png Basilisk Barrens, Haunted Necropolis, Wasteland
Bear Grylle.png Bear Grylle
Black Leopard.png Black Leopard
Black Tiger Spider.png Black Tiger Spider Cruma Swamp
Black Willow.png Black Willow
Agile Black Wolf.png Black Wolf East Talking Island
Blade Pincher.png Blade Pincher
Blood Queen.png Blood Queen Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Blood Wasp.png Blood Wasp
Bloodthirsty Specter.png Bloodthirsty Specter
Bloody Queen.png Bloody Queen
Bornesting.png Bornesting
Bound Porta.png Bound Porta
Bound Subject.png Bound Subject
Breka Orc Decanus.png Breka Orc Decanus
Breka Orc Escort.png Breka Orc Escort
Breka Orc Fighter.png Breka Orc Fighter
Breka Orc Guard.png Breka Orc Guard
Breka Orc Infiltrator.png Breka Orc Infiltrator
Breka Orc Ranger.png Breka Orc Ranger
Breka Orc Scout.png Breka Orc Scout
Breka Orc Supplier.png Breka Orc Supplier
Breka Orc Trooper.png Breka Orc Trooper
Buer.png Buer
Bugbear.png Bugbear
Bugbear.png Bugbear Butcher
Bugbear.png Bugbear Looter
Bugbear.png Bugbear Plunderer
Bugbear Subject.png Bugbear Subject Dark Brotherhood Laboratory
Cailyn.png Cailyn Forest of Secrets Understory
Blank.png Cauldron
Cave Gargoyle.png Cave Gargoyle
Cave Medusa.png Cave Medusa
Cave Sahara.png Cave Sahara
Corepio.png Corepio
Cougar.png Cougar Gludin Highway, Northwind Plateau
Black Wolf.png Crazed Black Wolf
Creatus.png Creatus
Crimson Bind.png Crimson Bind
Crowl.png Crowl Shrieking Hollow
Danthalion.png Danthalion Cruma Swamp
Dark Brotherhood.png Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood Guardian.png Dark Brotherhood Guardian
Dark Brotherhood Investigator.png Dark Brotherhood Investigator
Dark Brotherhood Researcher.png Dark Brotherhood Researcher
Dark Choir Dark Prima.png Dark Choir Dark Prima
Dark Choir Prima.png Dark Choir Prima Cruma Swamp, Deathly Fog Shore
Dark General.png Dark General
Dark Knight.png Dark Knight
Dark Leopard.png Dark Leopard
Dark Lord.png Dark Lord
Dark Mystic.png Dark Mystic
Dark Nekras.png Dark Nekras Dragon Valley, Shrieking Hollow
Dark Choir Prima.png Dark Prima
Death Fire.png Death Fire
Death Flower.png Death Flower
Death Reaper.png Death Reaper
Deathfire.png Deathfire
Defender.png Defender
Demented Reaper.png Demented Reaper
Deranged Meforde.png Deranged Meforde Cruma Tower Floor 2, Cruma Tower Floor 3
Desert Skeleton Seeker.png Desert Skeleton Seeker
Desert Skeleton Sentinel.png Desert Skeleton Sentinel
Desmodus.png Desmodus Elven Ruins 1
Destructive Killer.png Destructive Killer Cruma Swamp
Dicor.png Dicor Northwind Plateau, Summit of Dissonance, Giran Dominion
Dicor of Despair.png Dicor of Despair
Dismal Shout.png Dismal Shout Deathly Fog Shore
Doom Servant.png Doom Servant
Drake.png Drake Dragon Valley
Dread Scorpion.png Dread Scorpion
Dread Servant.png Dread Servant
Vampiric Bat.png Drill Bat Elven Ruins Catacomb 1
Dullahan.png Dullahan
Dungeon Skeleton Soldier.png Dungeon Skeleton Soldier
Duthlyr.png Duthlyr
Edwin.png Edwin
Elder Antelope.png Elder Antelope
Ellen.png Ellen
Elusive Premo.png Elusive Premo
Elven Antelope.png Elven Antelope
Elven Red Bear.png Elven Red Bear
Elven Windsus.png Elven Windsus
Enas.png Enas
Enclema.png Enclema
Enhanced Gargoyle.png Enhanced Gargoyle
Enhanced Perum.png Enhanced Perum
Enraged Grizzly Bear.png Enraged Grizzly Bear
Enraged Wasp.png Enraged Wasp
Eroded Sahara.png Eroded Sahara
Escaped Officer.png Escaped Officer
Escort Leader.png Escort Leader
Escorting Guard.png Escorting Guard
Excuro.png Excuro
Exhausted Doom Servant.png Exhausted Doom Servant
66 Snipe 스나이프.png Fallen Snipe Windawood Manor
Black Wolf.png Famished Black Wolf
Cougar.png Ferocious Cougar
Ferocious Red Bear.png Ferocious Red Bear
Fettered Soul.png Fettered Soul
Turek War Hound.png Fierce Turek War Hound Windawood Manor
Flagon.png Flagon
Forest Dicor.png Forest Dicor
Forest Fang Spider.png Forest Fang Spider
Forest Grendel.png Forest Grendel
Forest Thorn Dicor.png Forest Thorn Dicor
Forest Venomfang.png Forest Venomfang
Forest Wasp.png Forest Wasp Talking Island West
Forest Watcher.png Forest Watcher
Furious Fairy Willow.png Furious Fairy Willow Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Furious Mandragora.png Furious Mandragora
Gargoyle.png Gargoyle Haunted Necropolis
Gargu.png Gargu
Gari.png Gari Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Gaytin.png Gaytin
Genos.png Genos
Giant Leech.png Giant Leech Barrens, Ivory Tower Conquered Territory, Wasteland
Giant Thorn Spider.png Giant Thorn Spider
Grizzly Bear.png Gludio Bear
Gorgon Queen Stenoa.png Gorgon Queen Stenoa Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Gorokk.png Gorokk
Grandis.png Grandis
Grandis Subject.png Grandis Subject Dark Brotherhood Laboratory
Grave Bat.png Grave Bat
Grave Vampire Bat.png Grave Vampire Bat
Gray Stone Golem.png Gray Stone Golem
Grey Stone Golem.png Grey Stone Golem Barrens
Grizzly Bear.png Grizzly Bear East Talking Island
Vicious Werewolf.png Grotesque Werewolf
Growler.png Growler
Guillotine.png Guillotine
Guillotine of Death.png Guillotine of Death Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Gusion.png Gusion
Gustos Susceptor.png Gustos Susceptor Cruma Tower Floor 2, Cruma Tower Floor 3
Headless Knight.png Headless Knight Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Helissa.png Helissa
Herven.png Herven
High Excuro.png High Excuro
Holst.png Holst
Horror Mist Reaper.png Horror Mist Reaper Cruma Swamp
Horror Reaper.png Horror Reaper Cruma Swamp
Host Fungus.png Host Fungus
Husk Crawler.png Husk Crawler
Innocent Spirit.png Innocent Spirit
Insane Killer.png Insane Killer Cruma Swamp
Intrepidez.png Intrepidez Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
File:Invasion Leader.png Invasion Leader
Jason.png Jason
Jeff.png Jeff
Kaim Vanul.png Kaim Vanul Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Kankoon's Elite Soldier.png Kankoon's Elite Soldier
Kankoon's Priest.png Kankoon's Priest
Kankoon's Sentinel.png Kankoon's Sentinel
Kankoon's Sentry.png Kankoon's Sentry
Karix.png Karix
Ketra Orc Overload.png Ketra Orc Overload
Ketra Orc Warrior.png Ketra Orc Warrior
Ketra Orc White Captain.png Ketra Orc White Captain Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Kloud.png Kloud
Koma.png Koma
Korum.png Korum
Kreta.png Kreta
Krush.png Krush
Kusion Susceptor.png Kusion Susceptor
Larva.png Larva
Lerazia.png Lerazia
Lesser Demon.png Lesser Demon
Leto Lizardman.png Leto Lizardman Northwind Plateau
Leto Lizardman Archer.png Leto Lizardman Archer Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Leto Lizardman Chief.png Leto Lizardman Chief Northwind Plateau
Leto Lizardman Chieftain.png Leto Lizardman Chieftain
Leto Lizardman Escort.png Leto Lizardman Escort
Leto Lizardman Fighter.png Leto Lizardman Fighter
Leto Lizardman Guard.png Leto Lizardman Guard
Leto Lizardman Looter.png Leto Lizardman Looter
Leto Lizardman Pillager.png Leto Lizardman Pillager
Leto Lizardman Scout.png Leto Lizardman Scout
Leto Lizardman Shaman.png Leto Lizardman Shaman Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Leto Lizardman Warrior.png Leto Lizardman Warrior
Loot Guard.png Loot Guard
Lorca.png Lorca
Lost Lizardman.png Lost Lizardman Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Lost Lizardman Fighter.png Lost Lizardman Fighter Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Luka.png Luka
Lulani.png Lulani
Lycanthrope.png Lycanthrope Elven Ruins 1
Magical Excuro.png Magical Excuro
Magikos.png Magikos Cruma Swamp
Leto Lizardman Shaman.png Maille Liazardman Shaman Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Human Hunter.png Maille Lizardman Fighter Gludio Plains, Giran Dominion
Maille Lizardman Manhunter.png Maille Lizardman Manhunter Gludio Plains
Maille Lizardman Patrol.png Maille Lizardman Patrol Cruma Swamp
Maille Lizardman Pursuer.png Maille Lizardman Pursuer Cruma Swamp
Mel Lizardman Scout.png Maille Lizardman Scout Gludio Plains
Mel Lizardman Shaman.png Maille Lizardman Shaman Cruma Swamp, Gludio Plains
Maille Lizardman Vanguard.png Maille Lizardman Vanguard Cruma Swamp
Maimed Killer.png Maimed Killer
Grudgeful Skeleton Archer.png Malevolent Skeleton Archer Gludin, West Talking Island
Malevolent Skeleton Soldier.png Malevolent Skeleton Soldier
Malfunctioning Guardian.png Malfunctioning Guardian
Mana Leech.png Mana Leech
Mandragora.png Mandragora
Maneater Forest Spider.png Maneater Forest Spider Forest of Secrets Canopy, Forest of Secrets Slaughter Site
Marata.png Marata
Marc.png Marc
Marsh Premo.png Marsh Premo
Marsh Stakato.png Marsh Stakato
Marsh Stakato Envoy.png Marsh Stakato Envoy Cruma Swamp
Marsh Stakato Hassassin.png Marsh Stakato Hassassin Cruma Swamp
Marsh Stakato Slave.png Marsh Stakato Slave Cruma Swamp
Medes.png Medes
Medusa.png Medusa
Meforde.png Meforde Cruma Tower Floor 2, Cruma Tower Floor 3
Mesheemp.png Mesheemp
Monster Eye Tracker.png Monster Eye Barrens, West Talking Island, Gludio Plains
Monster Eye.png Monster Eye Watcher
Mordeo's Guard.png Mordeo's Guard
Mordeo's Minion.png Mordeo's Minion
Mordeo's Mirror Image.png Mordeo's Mirror Image
Morpheus.png Morpheus
Morta.png Morta
Mutant Armored Ant.png Mutant Armored Ant Ant Nest 1
Mutant Armored Ant Fighter.png Mutant Armored Ant Fighter
Mutant Armored Ant Page.png Mutant Armored Ant Page
Mutant Armored Ant Soldier.png Mutant Armored Ant Soldier
Mutant Armored Ant Warrior.png Mutant Armored Ant Warrior
Mutant Armored Ant Worker.png Mutant Armored Ant Worker
Mutant Beetle.png Mutant Beetle Barrens
Neer Crawler.png Neer Crawler
Nerkas.png Nerkas Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Nerkas Necromancer.png Nerkas Necromancer
Nerkas Soulharvester.png Nerkas Soulharvester
Nightmare Medusa.png Nightmare Medusa Forest of Secrets Understory
Noble Ant.png Noble Ant Ant Nest 2
Noble Ant Leader.png Noble Ant Leader Ant Nest 2
Nymph Avenger.png Nymph Avenger Forest of Secrets Understory
Nymph Fleur.png Nymph Fleur
Nymph Sabre.png Nymph Sabre
Nymph Slasher.png Nymph Slasher Forest of Secrets Understory
Obsessor.png Obsessor Talking Island West
Oel Mahum Fighter.png Oel Mahum Fighter Eternal Lands
Ol' Mahum Shaman.png Oel Mahum Shaman Ivory Tower Conquered Territory, Eternal Lands
Ol Mahum Advance Party.png Ol Mahum Advance Party
Ol Mahum Aide.png Ol Mahum Aide
Ol Mahum Axeman.png Ol Mahum Axeman
Ol Mahum Carrier.png Ol Mahum Carrier
Ol Mahum Champion.png Ol Mahum Champion
Ol Mahum Chieftan.png Ol Mahum Chieftan
Ol Mahum Commander.png Ol Mahum Commander
Ol Mahum Cutthroat.png Ol Mahum Cutthroat
Ol Mahum Fighter.png Ol Mahum Fighter
Ol Mahum Foreman.png Ol Mahum Foreman
Ol Mahum Looter.png Ol Mahum Looter
Ol Mahum Looter Captain.png Ol Mahum Looter Captain
Ol Mahum Looter Fighter.png Ol Mahum Looter Fighter
Ol Mahum Looter Guard.png Ol Mahum Looter Guard
Ol Mahum Looter Ranger.png Ol Mahum Looter Ranger
Ol Mahum Master Marksman.png Ol Mahum Master Marksman
Ol Mahum Officer.png Ol Mahum Officer
Ol Mahum Patrol.png Ol Mahum Patrol
Ol Mahum Plunderer.png Ol Mahum Plunderer
Ol Mahum Porter.png Ol Mahum Porter
Ol Mahum Recruit.png Ol Mahum Recruit
Ol Mahum Seeker.png Ol Mahum Seeker
Ol Mahum Sentry.png Ol Mahum Sentry
Ol Mahum Shooter.png Ol Mahum Shooter Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Ol Mahum Sniper.png Ol Mahum Sniper
Ol Mahum Spy.png Ol Mahum Spy
Ol Mahum Straggler.png Ol Mahum Straggler
Ol Mahum Supplier.png Ol Mahum Supplier
Ol Mahum Trooper.png Ol Mahum Trooper
Ol Mahum Warrior.png Ol Mahum Warrior
Ol' Mahum.png Ol' Mahum
Ol' Mahum General.png Ol' Mahum General
Ol' Mahum Warrior.png Ol' Mahum Warrior
Ominous Willow.png Ominous Willow
Oomba.png Oomba
Orc Berserker.png Orc Berserker Talking Island West
Orc Elite Patrol.png Orc Elite Patrol
Orc Fighter.png Orc Fighter
Orc Scout.png Orc Scout
Orc Seeker.png Orc Seeker
Orc Sentinel.png Orc Sentinel
Orc Trooper.png Orc Trooper
Orc Worker.png Orc Worker
Orfen.png Orfen Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Orfen's Handmaiden.png Orfen's Handmaiden Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Orfens Maid.png Orfens Maid
Ouroboros.png Ouroboros
Pamba.png Pamba
Pan Defender.png Pan Defender Forest of Secrets Understory
Pan Direum.png Pan Direum
Pan Dryed.png Pan Dryed
Pirate Navigator.png Pirate Navigator Devastated Gludin Harbor
Pirate Zombie.png Pirate Zombie Devastated Gludin Harbor
Ghost Captain.png Pirate Zombie Captain Devil's Isle
Pirate Zombie Navigator.png Pirate Zombie Navigator Devil's Isle
Pirate Zombie Officer.png Pirate Zombie Officer
Plains Cougar.png Plains Cougar
Poison Serpent.png Poison Serpent Forest of Secrets Understory
Porta.png Porta
Portrait Spirit.png Portrait Spirit
Prairie Antelope.png Prairie Antelope
Prairie Blade Spider.png Prairie Blade Spider
Prairie Windsus.png Prairie Windsus
Premo.png Premo Summit of Dissonance
Premo the Tainted.png Premo the Tainted
Preta.png Preta
Prickly Wasp.png Prickly Wasp
Prima.png Prima
Queen Ant.png Queen Ant Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Qupown.png Qupown
Black Wolf.png Rabid Black Wolf
Rabid Prairie Cougar.png Rabid Prairie Cougar
Rabid Wasp.png Rabid Wasp
Rabid Werewolf.png Rabid Werewolf
Raikel.png Raikel
Rashkos.png Rashkos
Reaper.png Reaper
Reba.png Reba
Savaged Red Bear.png Red Bear
Red Fox.png Red Fox
Red-Tailed Fox.png Red-Tailed Fox
Relentless Specter.png Relentless Specter Land of Monstrous Scales 2
Relic Werewolf.png Relic Werewolf
Relic Wraith.png Relic Wraith
Restless Apprentice.png Restless Apprentice
Restless Skeleton.png Restless Skeleton
Restless Spirit.png Restless Spirit
Restless Wizard.png Restless Wizard
Resurrected Merchant.png Resurrected Merchant
Resurrected Specter.png Resurrected Specter
Richard.png Richard Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Rorka.png Rorka Cruma Tower Floor 2, Cruma Tower Floor 3
Rua.png Rua
Werewolf.png Sadistic Werewolf Gludin Highway
Sahara.png Sahara Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Sahara of the Desert.png Sahara of the Desert
Sand Haftz.png Sand Haftz
Sandstorm.png Sandstorm
Sapping Wasp.png Sapping Wasp
Screash.png Screash
Seamstress.png Seamstress
Secretive Grendel.png Secretive Grendel
Secretive Succubus.png Secretive Succubus Forest of Secrets Understory
Secretive Watcher.png Secretive Watcher
Serpent Slave.png Serpent Slave
Shade Reaper.png Shade Reaper
Shade Wasp.png Shade Wasp
Shadow.png Shadow
Shadow Choir Prima.png Shadow Choir Prima Cruma Swamp
Shadow Knight.png Shadow Knight
Shadow Lord.png Shadow Lord
Shakos.png Shakos
Shaper.png Shaper Elven Ruins 2
Silenos.png Silenos
Silverbeard.png Silverbeard
Sina.png Sina Cruma Swamp
Grudgeful Skeleton Archer.png Skeleton Archer Devastated Gludin Harbor
Skeleton Chaser.png Skeleton Chaser
Skeleton Marksman.png Skeleton Marksman
Skeleton Pursuer.png Skeleton Pursuer Cruma Swamp
Skeleton Scout.png Skeleton Scout Cruma Swamp
Skeleton Seeker.png Skeleton Seeker
Skeleton Soldier.png Skeleton Soldier
Skeleton Tracker.png Skeleton Tracker
Skeleton Trooper.png Skeleton Trooper
Skullchaser.png Skullchaser
Sling.png Sling
66 Snipe 스나이프.png Snipe (Mob)
Sophos.png Sophos
Soul Slasher.png Soul Slasher
Sparshi.png Sparshi Cruma Swamp
Spartoi Archer.png Spartoi Archer Elven Ruins 1
Spartoi Warrior.png Spartoi Warrior Elven Ruins 1
Spore Fungus.png Spore Fungus Summit of Dissonance
Stakato.png Stakato Cruma Swamp
Stakato Soldier.png Stakato Soldier
Stakato Trooper.png Stakato Trooper
Starving Red Fox.png Starving Red Fox
Stone Golem.png Stone Golem
Stone Golem Sorcerer.png Stone Golem Sorcerer
Stone Haftz.png Stone Haftz
Stout Golem.png Stout Golem
Obsessed Sucubus.png Succubus Giran Dominion
Succubus Demon.png Succubus Demon Forest of Secrets Understory
Succubus Night Hag.png Succubus Night Hag Forest of Secrets Understory
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Surly Vampire Bat.png Surly Vampire Bat
Susceptor.png Susceptor Cruma Tower Floor 3
Susceptor Prime.png Susceptor Prime
Swamp Assassin.png Swamp Assassin Cruma Swamp
Swamp Bat.png Swamp Bat Cruma Swamp
Swamp Ghoul.png Swamp Ghoul Cruma Swamp
Swamp Hassassin.png Swamp Hassassin Cruma Swamp
Swamp Killer.png Swamp Killer Cruma Swamp
Swamp Medusa.png Swamp Medusa
Swamp Venomous Spider.png Swamp Venomous Spider Cruma Swamp
Blank.png Swan
Tainted Scorpion.png Tainted Scorpion
Tainted Walking Fungus.png Tainted Walking Fungus
Tanor Fighter.png Tanor Fighter
Tanor Knight Recruit.png Tanor Knight Recruit
Tanor Priest.png Tanor Priest
Tanor Scout.png Tanor Scout
Tanor Sentinel.png Tanor Sentinel
Tanor Sentry.png Tanor Sentry
Tanor Shaman.png Tanor Shaman
Tanor Silenos.png Tanor Silenos Summit of Dissonance
Tanor Silenos Chief.png Tanor Silenos Chief Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Tanor Silenos Shaman.png Tanor Silenos Shaman
Tanor Silenos Warrior.png Tanor Silenos Warrior
Tanor Supplier.png Tanor Supplier
Tanor Trooper.png Tanor Trooper
Tarba.png Tarba
Tempting Medusa.png Tempting Medusa Forest of Secrets Understory
Tepra Scorpion.png Tepra Scorpion
Tess.png Tess
Thorn Dicor.png Thorn Dicor
Thunder Lizard.png Thunder Lizard
Timak Orc.png Timak Orc Northwind Plateau, Plains of Dion
Timak Orc Ranger.png Timak Orc Ranger
Timak Orc Seeker.png Timak Orc Seeker Ivory Tower Conquered Territory
Timak Orc Warchief.png Timak Orc Warchief Ivory Tower Conquered Territory, Northwind Plateau
Timak Orc Warrior.png Timak Orc Warrior
Tortured Mandragora.png Tortured Mandragora Shrieking Hallows
Tortured Specter.png Tortured Specter
Tortured Warrior.png Tortured Warrior
Toruq.png Toruq
Toxic Atrox.png Toxic Atrox
Blank.png Training Dummy
Blank.png Training Target
Trasos.png Trasos
Tree Golem.png Tree Golem
Troka.png Troka
Bugbear.png Tullan Bugbear
Tumir.png Tumir
Turek Captain of the Guard.png Turek Captain of the Guard
Turek Guardian Captain.png Turek Guardian Captain
Turek Orc Altar Guard.png Turek Orc Altar Guard
Turek Orc Shooter.png Turek Orc Archer
Turek Orc Blacksmith.png Turek Orc Blacksmith
Turek Orc Bowman.png Turek Orc Bowman
Turek Orc Charger Main.png Turek Orc Charger Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Decanus.png Turek Orc Decanus
Turek Orc Elite Soldier.png Turek Orc Elite Soldier
Turek Orc Escort.png Turek Orc Escort Gludio Plains, Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Fighter.png Turek Orc Fighter
Turek Orc Charger.png Turek Orc Guard
Turek Orc Leader.png Turek Orc Leader
Turek Orc Patrol.png Turek Orc Patrol
Turek Orc Scout.png Turek Orc Scout
Turek Orc Shooter.png Turek Orc Shooter
Turek Orc Sniper.png Turek Orc Sniper
Turek Orc Soldier Recruit.png Turek Orc Soldier Recruit
Turek Orc Trooper.png Turek Orc Trooper Windawood Manor
Turek Orc Warchief.png Turek Orc Warchief Gludio Plains
Turek Patrol Captain.png Turek Patrol Captain
Turek Troop Captain.png Turek Troop Captain
Turek War Hound.png Turek War Hound
Turek Orc Warchief.png Turke Orc Warchief Windawood Manor
Twisted Assistant.png Twisted Assistant
Twisted Subject.png Twisted Subject
Typheron.png Typheron Land of Monstrous Scales 3
Uncontrollable Golem.png Uncontrollable Golem
Undead Crawler.png Undead Crawler
Undead Pirate.png Undead Pirate
Underground Basilisk.png Underground Basilisk
Unpleasant Humming.png Unpleasant Humming
Valgarth.png Valgarth
Validus Guard.png Validus Guard Cruma Tower Floor 2, Cruma Tower Floor 3