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Main Story Quests tell the story of Lineage 2: Revolution. The quests are split into 18 episodes; one episode per region, each with its own backstory.[1] As players progress through the story, more of the Dark Brotherhood's intentions are revealed.

Episode 1: East Talking Island[]

Talking island is the first town in our world and the starting point of your adventure. This is where the stories and dreams of many begin. You will find it always brimming with people, lively energy and interesting conversations. This the origin of the island's name; this is where talent is cultivated. The wharf on Talking Island is always bustling with adventurers and merchants from the main continent. Rookie Adventurers such as yourself will become mercenaries in East Talking Island. You will defeat monsters and battle against the danger of orcs that seek to rule the island.

1-1: Birth of a Hero

1-2: Emerging Darkness

1-3: The First Barrier

1-4: Niah's Friend

1-5: Orc Hunters Assemble!

1-6: Hazing

1-7: Beginner's Luck

1-8: Elven Coronet

1-9: Unbelievable Incident

1-10: The Second Barrier

1-11: Niah's Disappearance

Episode 2: West Talking Island[]

Originally, West Talking Island was filled with the ruins of Elves. Now it is occupied by Orcs who have come under the influence of the wicked Dark Mystic. Its past elegance and Elvish history remains, but you should watch your back as there are monsters lurking around each corner, just waiting to attack.

2-1: Traces of the Archaeologists

2-2: Search in Progress

2-3: Merciless

2-4: Search Party (Level 16)

2-5: The Third Barrier

2-6: Can't Let Go

2-7: That Individual

Episode 3: Gludin Highway[]

The town of Gludin, center of the Gludin Highway, is a port city famous for its trade with Elmoreden and Gresia. After the destruction of the Elmoreden kingdom, intercontinental trading ships disappeared with only the ship to Talking Island remaining. The area has been left a silent cemetary, devastated by a pestilence cast by an unidentified Dark Wizard. The surrounding area has become barren of crops or any vegetation, introducing a year of famine and anxiety to the residents of Gludin Harbor Village. When you leave the village, be careful of Ol Mahum, a group of bandits who loot the village harvest and passing merchants.

3-1: Emergency Situation

3-2: Plan for Counterattack

3-3: The Suspicious Incident (Level 20)

3-4: Evidence Discovered

3-5: Lonely Lady

3-6: Tragedy (Level 23)

3-7: Exterminate Kidnapper!

3-8: Pleasant Faces

3-9: Greedy (Level 26)

3-10: Carrot and Stick

Episode 4: Gludio Plains[]

A sweep operation is taking place because of the sudden appearance of monsters on the road connecting Gludio Territory to the other territories. However, because the monsters are constantly appearing, the confidence of the Gludio soldiers is gradually falling. Despite these circumstances, Gludio's firm reappointment would entrust the military authority and drive the soldiers into the limbs. Once you block the threat of Lizardmen and Orcs near the castle town's vicinity, you can find out that all of these have happened according to someone's elaborate plan.

4-1: Earn Profit While You Can

4-2: Raided Town (Level 29)

4-3: Escape!

4-4: Second Platoon In Peril

4-5: Division (Level 32)

4-6: Familiar Object

4-7: Of Course!

4-8: Forseen Ending (Level 35)

4-9: There's No Time

4-10: Hero of Gludio

Episode 5: Windawood Manor[]

Gludio is in danger. You must leave for Windawood and conquer the Orcs to save it. While on your journey, you will see the villages ruined by the attack of the Orcs. If you do not stop the Orcs this time, Gludio may suffer the same fate as these ruined villages. You have to find the sanctuary of the hidden Elves and prepare a weapon to kill the Orcs. You must succeed in destroying the Turek Orcs' station.

5-1: Missing Soldiers (Level 38)

5-2: Rescue Plan

5-3: Reunite

5-4: Ruin Decisive Battle

5-5: Fight for Crystal

5-6: Mysterious Man

5-7: Ancient Demon

5-8: Windawood Revenge Battle (Level 46)

5-9: Sound the Bell of Counterattack

5-10: Decisive Battle

Episode 6: Wasteland[]

All of the Ivory Tower wizards gathered their strength and barely sealed Beleth, the Dark Mystic who put all of old Gludio in danger. However, some of the fertile and beautiful Gludio was completely deserted. The only surviving life form was intelligent and enormous ants that managed to adapt to this desolate place. However, it was recently found that Ol Mahum who were not able to escape from the deep in the wasteland managed to survive and developed red fur. The minerals that they collect are the most popular items, causing merchants and adventurers to travel a little bit around the wasteland. You will meet the Ivory Tower wizards here and see the worst situation they hoped would never happen. We must now prepare to face the Silverlight Mercenaries and the Ivory Tower. We should also prepare to see the start of the destined incident of the whole continent.

6-1: Ivory Tower Wizard (Level 50)

6-2: Poor Wizard

6-3: Uncover the Truth

6-4: Staris

6-5: In Memory of the Dead (Level 54)

6-6: Unusual Itinerant Vendors

6-7: Halfway Point

6-8: Ol Mahum Dispute

6-9: Subjugate Rebellion (Level 58)

6-10: Individual Circumstances

Episode 7: Plains of Dion[]

After the fall of the Elmoreden Empire, the Lord of Dion planned to develop the plentiful natural resources that had been there since the Elves ruled the continent and make the land rich again. Logging and cultivation is actively going on in the first area to be developed, Dion Plains. However, the townspeople are terrified due to the Orcs and Lizardmen that have appeared suddenly. With Dion's soldiers, we need to save the townspeople and drive out the monsters. A girl who has lost her memory may be something you could not have imagined. Even if you find suspicious people, do not panic; you have a chance to show off your skills!

7-1: Orc Ambush

7-2: Suspicious Letter (Level 62)

7-3: Lizardman Invasion

7-4: Girl with Amnesia

7-5: To a Safe Place

7-6: Finding Elie

7-7: Reason for Confusion (Level 70)

7-8: Dion Soldier's Fight

7-9: Dark Brotherhood's Target

Episode 8: Cruma Swamp[]

This swamp was made for the giant Cruma Tortoises during the era of the gods. Cruma died a long time ago and then permeated through this land. You can guess its grandeur through the current state of the land. After that, the giants challenged the gods and made a laboratory and the Cruma Tower in order to create life. The cost of challenging the gods was the destruction of the giants. This resulted in the land being abandoned. Recently, the remains of the giant ruins were discovered. People conducting ruin and magic research are just around the corner. The wicked Dark Mystics were plotting to get the relics of the giants. The keys to obtaining these relics may be close by, so be sure to take a good look around!

8-1: Proliferating Spiders (Level 74)

8-2: Pleasant Face

8-3: Swamp Dark Brotherhood

8-4: Stabbed in the Back

8-5: Attacked Researchers

8-6: In Search of the Key

8-7: To Cruma Tower

8-8: Trap

8-9: Suspicious Cat

Episode 9: Summit of Dissonance[]

For a long time the Ol Mahum, who were treated with disdain by the Humans, accumulated wealth through their mercenary activities after the collapse of the Elmoreden Empire. However, the Dark Brotherhood that wanted confusion on the continent slaughtered the Silenos Scouts and a war started to take over the Silenos Land. Tanor Silenor are gentle and quiet. However, they do not avoid war like most of the cruel and persistent Silenos that want revenge on their people. The Summit of Dissonance is difficult to access due to the dangerous war that is currently happening between the Ol Mahum and the Tanor.

9-1: Forest Hunter

9-2: Unwelcome Guest (Level 92)

9-3: To Tanor Chief

9-4: Unwelcome Guests (Level 96)

9-5: Honorable Tanor

9-6: Genuine Plan

9-7: Public Enemy

9-8: De Facto Power (Level 104)

Episode 10: Shrieking Hallows[]

In the continent of Aden, there is an ominous war cloud hanging in the air due to the collapse of the Elmoreden Empire. There are also sporadic wars in various parts of the continent. Unusual signs have been discovered in places where the earth is covered with blood. In addition, the ground is collapsing in parts where the earth is weak. This is the land where many people were unjustly executed in the past. The Shrieking Hallows are in danger of collapsing. A long time ago, a deal was made with the demon for the evil spirits to deal the fortress of suffering, this preventing the darkness from waking the ghost. You have to do your best to cleanse the place of bad spirits that are floating about.

10-1: For Those Who Have Passed

10-2: Infinite Challenge

10-3: Familiar Face

10-4: Something that Shouldn't Be

10-5: Death Quickening

10-6: Heartless Trap

10-7: Contract (Level 116)

10-8: Sleep Once More

10-9: Business Goes On

Episode 11: Giran Dominion[]

During the time of the Elmoreden Empire, the largest fortress of the continent was the wealthiest manor. It has accumulated tremendous wealth through the harbor of Giran, where the trading ships have been active. However, the King of Giran has recently imposed a heavy tax and has recruited the citizens into the army, putting them in a dangerous place. In this empty abundance, you will encounter the unfamiliar figure of someone you believed in and you will witness the seeds of conflict.

11-1: Business Starts With Sale (Level 120)

  • To the Giran Dominion
  • Expensive Tears
  • A Blue Plant
  • Must-Have items
  • A rare Herbs
  • A Sharp Claws
  • What a Fortune!
  • A Rare Flat Mushroom
  • Cough Up the Pouch
  • A5-Star Ingredients

11-2: A Cat's Repayment

11-3: Finding Brother I (Level 123)

11-4: Finding Brother II

11-5: Gorgon Queen (Level 126)

11-6: Pandora's Box

11-7: Sealed Past

11-8: Concealment

11-9: Disappeared Delegation

11-10: Rescue Delegation

Episode 12: Deathly Fog Shores[]

The Giran Harbor, which was the center of all trade in Giran, lost the good reputation it once had; Ol Mahum bandits are in the vicinity of Giran Harbor. Undead pirates are also in Giran Harbor and they are swinging their hands all around. The Silverlight Mercenaries realized that he appearance of the undead pirates at the harbor, which caused it to be at a standstill, was no coincidence. In order to get rid of the root cause of this, you will have to go to Devil's Isle. However, before you can go to that isle you will have to return the harbor to its normal state. The Dark Brotherhood are also busy on the move trying to achieve their goals in order to expedite the complete ressurection of Beleth.

We are going to explore the secrets of the Giants Plains that are in the Deathly Fog Shores. Perhaps the undead pirates that have appeared at the harbor may be associated with the Dark Brotherhood.

12-1: Pan's Revenge (Level 135)

12-2: Vanished Transportation Unit

12-3: Uncover the Truth

12-4: Realistic Runaway

12-5: Reorganization

12-6: Object Delivery

12-7: Gnosis's Trace

  • The overall Story
  • Medical Support
  • A Sly Ambusher
  • The Research Begins
  • Collect Fragments
  • Investigate the Records
  • Attacker (Level 144)
  • Pluck the Seed
  • An Ominous Presence

12-8: Eternal Slumber

  • Are You Alright?
  • A Thorough Investigation
  • Additional Investigation
  • Hurry!
  • Gnosis's Trace
  • Stop the Anguish
  • Time Flies
  • An Entity That Must be Destroyed
  • Journey's End

12-9: Research Goes On

  • An Eternal Rest
  • An Unexpected Discovery
  • Finding Hope
  • Collect the Tablet Fragment I (A new Hope)
  • Proof of Higher Evolution
  • Slay the Disturber
  • Collect the Tablet Fragment II (Fragment Strikes Back)
  • Collect the Tablet Fragment III (Return of the Tablet)
  • Feldheim's Wisdom

12-10: Dark Harbor

  • A Reunion (Level 147)
  • Leaving the Giants Behind
  • May They Rest in Peace
  • I Will Protect you I (Protection of the Ring)
  • I Will Protect you II (The Two Protectors)
  • I will Protect you III (The Return of the Protector)
  • Serious News
  • Shelter Defense
  • Prepare for Enemy Attack
  • To the Giran Harbor

12-11: Revived Pirate Crew

  • Block the Entrance
  • Combat Support
  • Not Dead Either
  • Clue Found
  • Attack of the Dead
  • Is it Safe?
  • May the Souls Rest in Peace
  • Escape Preparations
  • Safe Escort
  • Wharf

Episode 13: Devil's Isle[]

Devil's Isle is a place where Zaken, who is famous for his brutality, and his pirates are sealed together with tremendous treasure. Despite the enormous treasures that would make adventurers want to explore the isle, there are still only a few adventurers who would do so because Devil's Isle is very dangerous. All the undead pirates that were at Giran Harbor are all Zaken's pirates; Zaken's Pirates are based on Devil's Isle and they would not appear at Giran Harbor unless something happened to Zaken. The guard captain of the Giran army dispatched an advance team to investigate the problems on Devil's Isle. The Silverlight Mercenaries will depart with Frederick, the guard captain, as the second team. They will investigate what has been happening on Devil's Isle. The Silverlight Mercenaries think that the Dark Brotherhood is related to these problems in some way. What is important is figuring out what the Dark Brotherhood is up to.

13-1: Advance Party's Whereabouts

  • Devil's Isle (Level 150)
  • Advance Party's Whereabouts
  • Find the Advance Party
  • Suspicious Undead
  • Ominous Sign
  • Evidence of Summing I
  • Impending Darkness
  • Prepare for Enemy Ambush
  • Trace of Magic

13-2: Odd Behaviour

  • Team by Team Investigation
  • A Suspicious Life Form
  • Crazed Premo
  • Clue Found
  • Investigate the Traces
  • Incoming Dead
  • Advance Party Found
  • Keep Yourself Together
  • The Dead Leave a Mark
  • Join the Rangers

13-3: A Place to Return To

  • Organization I (Level 153)
  • Marking the Rendezvous Point
  • A Poisonous Monster
  • A Suspicious Rock
  • Investigating the Light
  • Another Diary
  • In Search of the Culprit
  • Return
  • Enter

13-4: Tragedy I

  • A Funeral
  • Time is of the Essence
  • Traces of the Relic I
  • Traces of the Relic II
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Trap
  • Aiden
  • Escape

13-5: Pirate Crew's Past

  • Individual Search (Level 156)
  • Safety Secured
  • Search and Rescue Begins
  • Investigating the Shipwreck
  • Ambush
  • Navigator's Log I
  • Back to the Rendezvous Point
  • Since When Was it Gone?
  • Who are you?

13-6: Frederick's Anger I

  • The Place of Eternal Rest I
  • The Place of Eternal Rest II
  • Frederick's Rage
  • Hour of Mourning
  • The Search for Relics Begins
  • Traces of the Advance Party I
  • Traces of the Advance Party II
  • Black Poison Stinger
  • A Witness

13-7: Tragedy II

  • Secure the Route (Level 159)
  • Secure the Perimeter
  • Emergency Aid
  • The Horde
  • Secure the Escape Route
  • Slay the Hunter
  • Check for a Pulse
  • Ominous Waves
  • Reducing Their Numbers
  • Ashear(?) of Tragedy

13-8: Frederick's Anger II

  • Quest's End
  • Navigator's Log
  • Incoming Pirates
  • Missing Contents
  • Reckless Frederick
  • Urgent Stance
  • Drawing Attention I
  • Drawing Attention II
  • Operation Successfull

13-9: Sad News

  • Enter (Level 162)
  • Assault on the Front
  • Frederick's Rage
  • Luring
  • Frederick's Crisis
  • Frederick
  • A Letter Which Should Not be Sent
  • The Mission Goes On
  • The Final Battle
  • A Tragic Message I
  • A Tragic Message II

Episode 14: Haunted Necropolis[]

Haunted Necropolis is the place where the Guardian Elves and Dragon Valley meet. It is also the place where the Guardian Elves, who protect and defend nature, waged a gruesome war against the selfish Dragons. The only remains are a heap of ash where the forest was and the bones of the dragons. This indirectly shows the intensity of the past war. It was because of the strength of the Protection Tree that the Guardian Elves were able to defend the forest from the Dragons. In order to protect the forest, the Protection Tree used an excessive life force and began to wither much earlier than it should.

The Protection Tree is like life for the Guardian Elves and so when it lost its power, the Guardian Elves gradually became weaker. As the sacred power of the Protection Tree weakens, the evil spirits gradually increase. The situation is getting worse as the Guardian Elves have no power to kill these evil spirits. The Guardian Elves, who are quite unsocial, rarely rely on outsides. However, they seem so desperate that they do not want to be tied down to their old customs. If you rescue the Protection Tree and the Guardian Elves, they will surely pay you back later.

14-1: Rescue Oren Delegation

  • New Mission
  • Envoy Escort Mission
  • A Bad Feeling
  • Need Solid Proof
  • The Search for Oren Survivors
  • Envoy Under Ambush
  • In Search of Caranese (Level 165)
  • Searching the Barracks
  • Paralyzing Mushroom

14-2: Can't Die Yet

  • A Safe Rescue Mission I
  • A Safe Rescue Mission II
  • Guardian Elf Cara
  • Hindering My Plans
  • To the Post of High Warchief
  • Defeat the Orcs
  • The Fesitival of Participants
  • The First Tribute to the Festival
  • Escape the Breka Stronghold

14-3: Tree of Protection

  • A Step Toward Peace
  • Slaying the Trackers
  • Soul Tracker Primes
  • To the Procection Tree
  • Evils Desecrating the Area
  • Memories of the Past
  • A Cat Here? (Level 168)
  • Location Does Note Matter
  • Golems' Core
  • Elven Ruins

14-4: Ghost of Past

  • Guardian
  • Battle Between the Elves and Draconians
  • The Stolen Protection Tree Essence
  • The Weakened Elves I
  • The Weakened Elves II
  • In Search of the Blood King
  • Preventing Dangers
  • Slay the Soul Devourer Primas
  • Leave This Land!
  • Suppression Done Right

14-5: Dead Memories

  • Monsters of the Dead Land
  • Enraged Sahara
  • Cute Peddler Pan
  • Peddler Pan's Money Sack
  • How to Restore the Land (Level 171)
  • To the Hunter's Retreat
  • An Ominous Sign
  • Attack of the Draconians

14-6: Message for Future

  • In Search of the Excavation Dwarves I
  • In Search of the Excavation Dwarves II
  • Threatening Fettered Soul
  • A Different Path
  • Headless Knight's Pursuit
  • A Suspicious Tablet
  • Make Way!
  • Second Tablet

14-7: Pan is Pan

  • Preparing the Excavation I
  • Preparing the Excavation II
  • Grandis's Domain
  • Expanding the Organization
  • Don't Get in the Way
  • The Cat Returns (Level 174)
  • Fallen Peddler Pan
  • Gargoyle for Stuffing
  • Blunt Weapon for Steel Frame

14-8: Watchers

  • Brother's Revenge
  • Rare and Expensive Dragon Bone
  • More Brutal, More Expensive
  • Terrifying Gaze
  • A Hunter Preparing Revenge
  • Veremus's Minions
  • Peddler Pan's Sigh
  • Peddler Pan's Greed
  • Watchers
  • Reducing the Numbers
  • A Full-Scale Attack

14-9: Spirit Sword

  • Reunited With Cara
  • Silently, Gratefully
  • Draconian's of the Nest (Level 177)
  • Preemptive
  • Stomping the Sprout
  • How to Cut the Sprout
  • Taken Elven Legacy
  • Dragon Knight's Descendant
  • Provoke
  • Spirit Sword
  • The Ones Blocking the Way

14-10: Hope Arisen

  • In Search of Veremus
  • Slaying Veremus I
  • Slaying Veremus II
  • Veremus's Treasure
  • Can't Stop Now
  • The Deceiver Behind it All
  • The Collapsing Dimensional Rift
  • To the Protection Tree
  • The Resurrected Protection Tree

Episode 15: Northwind Plataeu[]

It is just a matter of time before the resurrection of Beleth. In preparation for any incident, Hardin has been collecting the relics that he used to seal Beleth. Such relics can also be found on the plateau in North Oren. Both Orcs and Bugbears were in possession of the relics. They will use force as they will not want to give the relics away quietly. The relationships you made at the Summit of Dissonance will greatly help you to solve this problem. Durzel and the Tanor Chief will help you, if everything works out well. Once again do help the Tanor Chief to unify his tribe; Tanor will definitely repay you. He will be a great source of strength one day.

15-1: Pan and the Northwind Plateau

  • To the Northwind Plateau
  • To the Hunter's Town!
  • Grendel Leather Would be Fine. Too!
  • I'll Collect Your MOney for You!
  • Liver Needed
  • Villains
  • Very Rare Mushroom!
  • Masculine Pride
  • Grendel's Threat
  • Find the Truffles!
  • Fragrant Mushroom

15-2: Durzel's Homeland

  • Suspicious Sound
  • Poisoned Durzel (Level 183)
  • White Herb
  • Defeating Spiders I
  • Defeating Spiders II
  • Hunter's Resting Area
  • Pan's Greed
  • Durzel's Favor
  • Where the Corpses Pile Up
  • Spider Queen Poricule

15-3: Bugbear Invasion

  • An Unexpected Situation
  • The Town Under Attack
  • Extinguishing Fire
  • Insufficient Equipment!!!
  • Stop the Bugbears!
  • Skull of Musica
  • Defeating Villains
  • Kill Them!
  • Burn the Rations!
  • Eternal Slumber!

15-4: Operation Bugbear

  • Following the Tracks
  • An Opportune Chance
  • Lure with Meat!
  • Press On!
  • Commence Rescue Operation!
  • Where is Russel?
  • Aymel's Heart
  • Suspicious Nymphs
  • Demonic Contract
  • Queen of Hallucination
  • Demon Emoleta
  • Rescue at Last

15-5: Suspicious Oren Castle

15-6: Fugitive

15-7: The Truth Revealed

15-8: Civil War

15-9: Orc Threat

15-10: Captured Durzel

Episode 16: Eternal Lands[]

In ancient times, the Elves and the Humans argued over who dominated to continent. The injuries to the battleground where this argument took place still remain intact. This place became known as the Sea of Spores. The Sea of Spores is contaminated by magical power and it is a place where creatures cannot live, even though it seems as if time has stopped here. Unfortunately the Sea of Spores is increasingly becoming wider. In order to fulfill their duties, the Ivory Tower Mystics made a circle around them to prevent the Sea of Spores from spreading.

There is a with named Molly who lives in a cabin near the Sea of Spores. One day, the Dark Brotherhood approached her but Molly managed to escape them. She fled at the risk of the Dark Brotherhood persistently pursuing her. Molly surprised everyone by driving the Dark Brotherhood out using her wonderful powers. However, Molly's accidental powers caused the barrier device, that was supposed to block the Sea of Spores, to malfunction. Now the Sea of Spores is spreading. Theodore intuitively noticed how important Molly is and struggled to protect her. Hardin is coldhearted and does not understand Theodore's intentions. The Ivory Tower Wizard Edina, who discovered the anomaly, is asking for help to repair the barrier device. ordinarily, Ol Mahum had animosity towards the Ivory Tower Wizards. He carried the Dark Brotherhood on his back and caused mayhem everywhere, further destroying the barrier device. It is not easy to grasp the significance of repairing the barrier device or of figuring out the Dark Brotherhood's intentions. Who is Molly, the one who is at the center of all these incidents?

Episode 17: Ivory Tower Conquered Territory[]

The Ivory Tower is located within the Oren Territory. However, two of the tower's wizards are not governed by the Oren Lord. The Ivory Tower has an independent territory, whose autonomy is recognized. However, unlike ordinary territories, this area has evil spirits instead of lords. The Ivory Tower has always maintained tough policies regarding these evil spirits. Inevitably, these spirits has to obey the Ivory Tower Wizards.

Using a clever ruse, the Dark Brotherhood kidnapped Molly. The Ivory Tower Wizards are now seeking your help to bring Molly back. The storm of magic that Molly had brought about caused the defenses of the Ivory Tower to be neutralized. This let the Dark Brotherhood be able to take over the Ivory Tower. Theodore guesses that the Dark Brotherhood was somehow connected to the occupation of the Ivory Tower and to Molly's kidnapping, but he cannot do anything without Hardin's command. First, we need to regain the Ivory Tower and find out why the Dark Brotherhood was aiming for the Ivory Tower. It is clear that there is something ominous going on.

Episode 18: Dragon Valley[]

In Dragon Valley, the dragon, Antharas, is asleep. Antharas answered Shillien's Call and fought against the gods. After this, he has been continuously in a deep sleep recovering his energy. In order to block anyone who would prevent this, the devils and dragons are protecting Antharas. Beleth is getting everything ready so he can fully recover all his energy by using Molly and the Nebulite and also by taking advantage of Antharas' strong energy. Beleth's resurrection has now become a reality and the Dark Brotherhood is consolidating its defenses for their lord. The Silverlight Mercenaries and the Ivory Tower Wizards want to combine their strength to stop them.

Master List[]