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The world of Lineage 2 Revolution is replete with unique lore.

Lore[ | ]

The demise of the Elmoreden Empire ushered in an age of darkness. The different territories each declared their independence from the Empire, leading to bloody skirmishes in the conquest to claim sovereignty over the lands. Of these, one struck fear in the hearts of all. They were the powerful Dark Society, led by Beleth, the user of black magic.

The Dark Society believed that true authority stemmed from the terror that power instills in the weaker, and they began to conspire in secret to bring chaos to the world. They were the ones who convinced the proud Emperor Baium of Elmoreden to build his Tower of Insolence.

Before malice and dark energy could permeate the land, Hardin, a powerful sorcerer second only to Beleth, stood in the way of the Dark Society. Hardin had been keeping an eye on the Dark Society's activities, and he was able to successfully stop their plan from coming into fruition. Over time, however, his efforts alone were inadequate to staving off the Dark Society's advances, and he decided to gather allies who could help him.

Thus the Silverlight Mercenaries were born. A new chapter in history begins when the main character joins the Silverlight Mercenaries by chance.

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