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The Humans are one of the four playable races in Lineage 2: Revolution.

Summary[ | ]

A creation of Gran Kain, Humans have wel balanced stats and adapt quick;y to any class. Humans worship Einhasad, the goddess of light.

Official Summary[ | ]

Following a Class Transfer, you’ll be able to unlock your Human adventurer’s true power. Warrios r can specialize as a Paladin or Warlord by becoming experts are wielding swords, shields, and spears. Paladins make perfect Guardians because they have High Def. and Defensive Skills such as shield blocking. The Warlord is a melee damage-dealer who specializes in weakening opponents.

Rogues can specialize as a Treasure Hunter or Hawkeye by mastering Daggers and Bows. The Treasure Hunter is an assassin who moves behind opponents to stun them before attacking. The Hawkeye is a long-range damage-dealer who lacks a powerful single hit but has wide-radius skill attacks.

Mages can specialize as a Sorcerer or as a Bishop. The Sorcerer is a Wizard who wields fire and casts powerful wide-range spell attacks. The Bishop protects allies by healing them over time and uses crowd control abilities.

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