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Haunted Necropolis is a region in the world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Official Summary[]

Haunted Necropolis is the place where the Guardian Elf and the Dragon Valley meet. It is also the place where the Guardian Elves, who protect and defend nature, waged a gruesome war against the selfish Dragons. The only remains are a heap of ash where the forest was, and the bones of the dragons. This indirectly shows the intensity of the past war. It was because of the strength of the Protection Tree that the Guardian Elves were able to defend of the forest from the Dragons. In order to protect the forest, the protective tree used an excessive life force and began to wither much earlier than it should.

The protective tree is like life for the Guardian Elves, and so when it lost its power the Guardian Elves gradually became weaker. As the sacred power of the protective tree weakens, the evil spirits gradually increase. The situation is getting worse as the guardian elves have no power to kill these evil spirits. The guardian elves who are quite unsocial rarely rely on outsiders. However they seem so desperate that they do not want to be tied down to their old customs. If you rescue the protection tree and the Guardian Elves, they will surely pay you back later.

Elite Monsters[]


  • Alert Wyrm
  • Baby Wyrm
  • Cager's Henchman
  • Death Headless Knight
  • Grandis Bonecrusher
  • Grandis Dragon Slayer
  • Headless Knight
  • Perum
  • Sarahara of Barren Land
  • Twilight Sahara
  • Veremus's Child
  • Wyrm Guardian
  • Amber Basilisk
  • Dustwind Gargoyle
  • Guardian Basilisk
  • Maelstrom Dustwind
  • Ravine Breka Warshchief
  • Reaper
  • Soul Devourer Prima
  • Soul Tracker Prima
  • Stone Golem
  • Validus
  • Death Bind
  • Deadly Monster Eye
  • Fearful Monster Eye
  • Ravine Breka Fighter
  • Ravine Breka Patrol
  • Ravine Breka Priest
  • Ravine Breka Scout
  • Ravine Breka Sentry
  • Ravine Breka Shaman
  • Ravine Breka Supplier
  • Ravine Windsus
  • Stakato Soldier
  • Wandering Fettered Soul

Treasure Chests[]

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