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The Elves are one of the four playable races in Lineage 2: Revolution.

Summary[ | ]

Einhasad formed elves from water, making them agile and light on their feet. They are protected by water and worship Eva, the goddess of water.

Official Summary[ | ]

Elves can reach entirely new levels of power via Class Transfer. Warriors can specialize as Temple Knights or Swordsingers by building proficiency with swords, shields, and spears. The Temple Knight is an AoE tank that specializes in continuously attacking nearby enemies. The Swordsinger is a hybrid-damage dealer armed with mid-range skills.

Rogues can specialize as Plains Walkers or Silver Rangers by specializing in daggers and bows. The Plains Walker has flashy skills that utilize their quick attack speed to keep enemies at bay. The Silver Ranger subdues enemies with supreme movement speed.

Mages can specializes as either Spellsingers or Elders. The Spellsinger supports their party by slowing and freezing enemies to allow their allies to attack safely. The Elder is an expert healer who can restore HP in an instant.

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