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The Elder is a Elf-restricted Mage-specific job in Lineage 2: Revolution. The Elder is a support healer that provides defensive and utility buffs for their allies with skills that reduces skill cooldowns and greatly improve defense of the party while constantly restoring HP. They wield Staffs and wear Robes for armor.

Active Skills[]

Holy Fire[]

[Staff Only]

  • A pillar of holy flames that damages enemies. Affected enemies take increased damage.
  • Damage: 33% of Atk. +588
  • plus 44% of Atk. +494 for every 2 additional hits.
  • Increase damage targets take by 35% for 7 sec.


[Staff Only]

  • Imbues an effect on you that heals you and the party members around you continuously.
  • Regen. Rate: 15% of Atk. +582 over 6 sec.

Mental Refresh[]

[Staff Only]

  • Encourages yourself and your party members, decreasing skill cooldowns and removes debuffs.
  • Skill Cooldown - 3 sec.
  • Duration: 20 sec.
  • Removes debuffs

Follow Defense[]

[Staff Only]

  • Increases Def. of you and your party members.
  • Def. +40%
  • Duration: 40 sec.

Energy Bolt[]

[Staff Only]

  • Launches a penetrating ball of energy to attack distant enemies in the front.
  • Damage: 130% of Atk. +56

Flame Strike[]

[Staff Only]

  • Launches a flaming ball to deal massive explosion damage and knockdown enemies.
  • Damage: 140% of Atk. +65
  • Knock down targets for 2 sec.

Wind Strike[]

[Staff Only]

  • Brings forth a gust of wind that penetrates through enemies in a straight line to attack.
  • Damage: 175% of Atk. +91

Passive Skills[]

Boost HP[]


  • Increases the Max HP of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.
  • Party members’ Max HP +582

Elder Avoidance[]


  • Increases Evasion Rate continuously.
  • Evasion Rate +15%

Elven Potential[]


  • Agile movement allows Elves to have a higher Evasion against enemy attacks.
  • Bonuses to Evasion, Speed, and M. Atk.

Mage Weapon Mastery[]


  • Increases Atk. when a Staff is equipped.
  • Atk. +11

Robe Mastery[]


  • Increases Attack Damage when Robe-armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
  • Damage +1%
  • Stacks with each piece: Headgear, Armor, Gloves, Boots.



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