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The Dwarves are one of the four playable races in Lineage 2: Revolution.

Summary[ | ]

Einhasad created the Dwarves from the land, and they are hardy and physically powerful. They worship Maphr, the goddess of land.

Official Summary[ | ]

Dwarves are small, but they have high HP and are exceptionally hardy. Class transfer allows them to unlock their true potential.

Warriors may specialize as either a Guardian or a Slayer by becoming skilled with swords and shields, dual swords and spears. Guardians are experts at crisis management. They protect allies and themselves with powerful AoE crowd control abilities. The Slayer is a melee damage-dealer who may have a low attack speed but makes up for it with powerful blows.

Rogues can specialize as either a Scavenger or a War Ranger by mastering daggers and bows. The Scavenger is a feisty boxer, a melee damage-dealer who lures enemies to their deaths with quick-moving skills. The War Ranger is a long-range damage dealer who uses traps and evasive skills to outwit enemies.

Mages can specialize as either a Battle Mage or a Sage by mastering their staff skills. The Battle Mage is a close-quarters Wizard who casts quick spells within a narrow range to deal great damage. The Sage is a healer who supports the party by increasing their Defense.

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