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There are a variety of dungeons in the various Locations dispersed throughout the World Map of Lineage 2 Revolution. While each dungeon has some historical significance in context of the Lore of Lineage 2, players can access all of these dungeons from the convenient "Dungeons" option in the main menu. Each dungeon will be unlocked at a certain point in the main story and will also require certain level requirements to access higher difficulties. All dungeons have limited free entries/activity limits each day; players can spend Diamonds to re-enter certain dungeons once they have used their free entry. There is no limit to how many times you can re-enter a dungeon, however the cost for additional entries will increase each time you re-enter the dungeon that day.

All daily limits are reset at 4 am.

Dungeons[ | ]

Daily Dungeons[ | ]

Acquire materials necessary for strengthening every day.

Daily Dungeons are instanced dungeons with one free entry each day. Players can enter after completing Episode 1-3 of the main quest. You can obtain Upgrade Stones or Enhancement Scrolls for clearing the Daily Dungeon. The monsters and rewards inside the dungeon change depending on the day of the week.

There are four levels of difficulty available for Daily Dungeons: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. There are no level restrictions on higher difficulty levels, however your ability to clear it is a whole other question.

Tower of Insolence[ | ]

Higher and higher! Challenge your limits!

Players first encounter the Tower of Insolence when Theodore forces them to attempt to clear it in Episode 1-9 of the main quest.

The Tower of Insolence is a dungeon where players start on the 1st Floor and fight their way up, defeating monsters and earning rewards for clearing floors. Players can find Rune Fragments in this dungeon, which can be used in Rune Imprinting to permanently increase character stats. Players can also Auto-Clear the tower of insolence once a day to collect the auto-clear reward for all of the floors they have previously cleared.

Players may enter the Tower of Insolence three times a day to attempt to clear their highest floor. Each attempt counts as an entry, regardless of result. Successfully clear a floor to challenge the next floor. Monsters in the Tower of Insolence appear in waves, with the boss appearing in the last wave. If the boss is not defeated within the time limit or if you die, the attempt is considered to have failed.

**As of 1 August 2017, the highest floor is 70F**

Elite Dungeons[ | ]

Defeat powerful monsters and acquire tons of Exp!

Players gain access to their first Elite Dungeon at Lvl. 16 after completing Episode 2-4 of the main quest.

Elite Dungeons contain Elite Monsters which have significantly higher stats than field monsters of the same level. These Elite Monsters carry lots of equipment and Soul Crystals that can be used to strengthen your character. Certain Elite Monsters also drop Proofs of Blood and Red Starstone, which can be used to support your Clan.

Every day, each character has 30 minutes of HOT Time while inside an Elite Dungeon. During HOT Time, players get 8x Exp from kills and 4x item drop rate. The duration of HOT Time can be extended using Diamonds, up to an additional 90 minutes per day.

Extraction Dungeons[ | ]

Collect magical herbs to craft elixirs!

The Extraction Dungeon is unlocked at Lvl. 24 and completing Episode 3-10 of the main quest.

Players can acquire up to 20 Herbs of 4 different colors per day in the Extraction Dungeon. This limit cannot be increased using Diamonds. Herbs can be used to craft elixirs which permanently increase character stats. PvP is permitted inside the Extraction Dungeon, so players should always be alert to their surroundings!

Extracting a herb requires some time to complete. Multiple players can attempt to extract the same herb, but only the first player to succeed will receive the herb. Being attacked while extracting, or moving away while extracting, will cancel the action and reset the process. There is no PK penalty for PvP inside the Extraction Dungeon.

Players may also encounter a few monsters while extracting herbs.

  1. Mandragoras appear after successfully extracting a herb, granting elixir essences when defeated. Only the player who extracted the herb can attack their Mandragora.
  2. Robust Ratels come in 3 types: Green, Silver and Gold. Defeating a Ratel grants the player Blessing of Robust Ratel to help with your extractions.
  3. The Garden Sentry appears at a fixed time every three hours and walks around the Extraction Dungeon for 10 minutes. You can extract herbs around the Garden Sentry for 2x herbs, or defeat the Garden Sentry to obtain Garden Sentry's Loot Box.

Gallery[ | ]

Equipment Dungeon[ | ]

Protect Holy Artifacts at key locations for equipment supplies!

The Equipment Dungeon is available from Lvl. 20 and completing Episode 3-3 of the Main Quest.

Players can cooperate with other players in Equipment Dungeon to find equipment that will help them grow stronger. The quality of the equipment is based on the selected difficulty level of the dungeon. Players must be in parties of 2 or more to enter the Equipment Dungeon. Each player gets 2 free entries per day. Additional entries may be purchased with Diamonds.

In the Equipment Dungeon, players must defeat waves of monsters to protect the Holy Artifact until time runs out. Players who die during battle will revive after some time, but will fail the dungeon if the Holy Artifact is destroyed. Additional rewards are given to parties that defeat more waves within the time limit.

Adena Dungeon[ | ]

Steal Adena from a greedy dragon's lair!

After completing Episode 4-7 of the main quest, players can enter the Adena Dungeon once a day to get Adena based on the boss monster's remaining HP. There are no level restrictions on attempting higher difficulties, allowing players to push their limits if they feel confident. However, while the potential Adena is much higher, the dragon's Def. will also increase and take far less damage from each hit. Players cannot revive inside the Adena Dungeon and will receive Adena based on the boss' remaining HP at the time when they died. Additional Adena can be obtained from Adena Treasure Chests which appear around the edges of the battlefield. **Additional entries cannot be purchased.**

Experience Dungeon[ | ]

Come at me, brethren, if enormous Exp. is what you seek!

Exp. Dungeon becomes available starting from Lvl. 38 and completing Episode 5-1 of the main quest.

Summoning Stone Dungeon[ | ]

Undo the seal on the Holy Artifact and acquire Summoning Stones.

The Summoning Stone Dungeon is available starting from Lvl. 50 and completing Episode 6-6 of the main quest.