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Diamonds are a premium currency used in Lineage 2: Revolution. They are separated into two types: Blue Diamonds and Red Diamonds. Blue Diamonds are purchased using real-world money. Red Diamonds on the other hand are a freemium currency; they can be obtained in small amounts throughout the game by completing certain objectives. Color blind players can identify Red Diamonds by the padlock on the bottom left of the diamond. If players have insufficient Red Diamonds to complete a Red Diamond purchase, Blue diamonds can be spent to pay the balance amount.

Blue Diamonds[]

Blue Diamonds are bought with real-world currency from the in-game store in Lineage 2: Revolution. It is the only currency used in the trading post. In the shop, items or bundles bought with blue diamonds will also award players with Mileage Points. Bundles include the Strengthening Gift Bundle I bundle and Login Diamond Bundle. Purchasing bundles is often more efficient than other purchases since most items in the shop cost the same amount of Red Diamonds as Blue Diamonds.

The only way players can get Blue Diamonds without paying real-world currency is via the trading post. Items that can be sold on the trading post (tradable items) are marked with a blue diamond in the bottom right corner.

Red Diamonds[]

Red Diamonds are available to all players and do not require payment to obtain. Small quantities can be obtained by completing daily activities, obtaining a high ranking in the Arena or as a quest reward during the main quest line. Many purchases involving Red Diamonds are small perks that boost your character's growth. Popular purchases include High Grade Equipment Boxes, additional Arena attempts, re-rolling equipment stats, refreshing sub-quests and auto-completing elite dungeons.


Getting more Red Diamonds[]

  • During its international release on 15 November 2017, Netmarble awarded all pre-registered accounts with 1700 Red Diamonds and 150,000 Adena.
  • Climbing the Arena rankings awards Red Diamonds for achieving a personal highest rank on a character. Red Diamonds are also awarded daily based on your current arena ranking
  • You can get 30 Red Diamonds each day by achieving 200 Activity points from completing daily tasks.
  • Some days will provide Red Diamonds as a Login Bonus.