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Cruma Swamp is a region in the world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

Official Summary[]

This swamp was made for the giant Cruma Tortoises during the era of the gods. Cruma died a long time ago and then permeated through this land. You can guess its grandeur through the current state of the land. After that, the giants challenged the gods and made a laboratory and the Cruma Tower in order to create life. The cost of challenging the gods was the destruction of the giants.

This resulted in the land being abandoned. Recently, the remains of the giant ruins were discovered. People conducting ruin and magic research are just around the corner. The wicked Dark Mystics were plotting to get the relics of the giants. They keys to obtaining these relics may be close by so be sure to take a good look around!


Mob Level
Black Tiger Spider 74
Horror Mist Reaper 74
Horror Reaper 74
Maille Lizardman Shaman 78
Maille Lizardman Vanguard 78
Shadow Choir Prima 90
Swamp Ghoul 78
Swamp Venomous Spider 74
Cursed Seer 74
Destructive Killer 84
Insane Killer 90
Maille Lizardman Patrol 78
Maille Lizardman Pursuer 78
Marsh Stakato Envoy 84
Marsh Stakato Hassassin 84
Marsh Stakato Slave 84
Skeleton Pursuer 78
Skeleton Scout 78
Swamp Assassin 84
Swamp Bat 74
Swamp Hassassin 84
Swamp Killer 84