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The Clan System is the major organizational method used to join players together in Lineage 2 Revolution. Characters Lvl. 10 and higher can create or join a Clan. Members of a clan gain access to shared clan activities and rewards such as weekly clan achievements, clan dungeons, buffs, community forums and PvP events. The maximum number of members in a clan is 50. All members are allowed to view basic information about their clan such as clan members, total resources, achievement progress, clan ranking etc... However, administrative rights are restricted to higher ranking positions.

There is also the Clan Hall, where players can perform various tasks for their clan or simply gather with friends around the fireplace to relax and chat while earning experience points.

Official Summary[ | ]

Clans are groups with a kinship stronger than the simple bonding of the community. You can form your own clan by using the clan system. Depending on your clan level, you can recruit up to 50 clan members, and you can grow stronger through clan quests and donations.

As your clan level increases, you will be able to use your clan skills and buffs to make your character stronger. You will be able to feel the strength of your strong bond in the clan dungeon, which is challenging together by collecting the power of the clan.

In addition, you can challenge the "Castle Siege" and "Fortress Siege", and fight for powerful rights with other clans, and you can challenge the Lord of the Castle. Now, where are your clan members?

Overview[ | ]

Creating a new clan[ | ]

Aspiring clan leaders may create a new clan by fulfilling two simple requirements. Their character must be at least Lvl. 10 and pay 50,000 Adena for the creation of a new clan. Clan names cannot be changed after creation, but the leader may spend Diamonds to change the clan emblem later on. There cannot be duplicate clan names on the same server. Clan leaders can set certain restrictions to narrow down the list of applicants:

  1. Public Clan Public clans are open to all; applicants will join the clan immediately without waiting for approval.
  2. Private Clan Players must submit a join request and wait for a ranking member of that clan to approve their request.
  3. Join Level Restriction The clan leader can set a level restriction that applicants must meet in order to join the clan. This restriction can be overruled if a player receives a direct invitation from the clan leader.

Players may only apply to one clan at a time. The previous request must be cancelled before applying to another clan. Players may leave and rejoin a clan at any time, but will incur a leaving penalty that restricts clan actions until it expires. While the penalty is active, players are unable to receive or contribute to check-in bonuses, clan donations, clan shop, gift shop and the clan dungeon. More importantly, players are not allowed to participate in fortress siege if they have have recently left a clan. The penalty is lifted at 4pm the next day; you do not have to be in a clan during this time.

Clan leaders cannot delete their character while they are the leader of a clan. Clan leaders can leave their own clan by appointing another member as the leader, or by removing all clan members and disbanding the clan. Warning: Disbanding a clan is permanent (clan name can be reused).

Clan Members[ | ]

Greet and acknowledge your fellow clan members to earn Clan Coins and Adena. You can greet up to 10 times each day. There is no limit to acknowledging greetings from other members. Each greeting awards 1 clan coin and acknowledging awards 500 Adena. Members can also view join requests from this page, however only members with sufficient clearance may manage join requests. The clan leader can also promote, demote or kick clan members from here.

Community Forum[ | ]

Upon creation of a new clan, every clan is given a space on the Netmarble forums. The page can be accessed in-game from the clan page by tapping the "Community" button. Players can also access the clan forum from their browser if they know the URL (URL to individual clan forums can be found on the front page of the forum). Access to clan forums is restricted to clan members only; players attempting to access the forums from a web browser must sign in with their character name to verify their identity. To do this, players will need to set a website password from their in-game forum profile in order to sign in from a browser. Login information is not shared between characters of the same account and the process must be done for each individual character.

Clan Hall[ | ]

Clan Halls are open for all players to enter, even those from other clans. In your clan hall, members have access to various crafting options that can provide bonus stats in battle or exp for just hanging around. Some functions can be completed by individuals, but its full potential can only be realized if the entire clan contributes together. These include potions, feasts, relics, the fireplace and the Crystal of Unity.

Click here for more detailed information about Clan Halls.

Clan Level and Resources[ | ]

Clan Levels[ | ]

Clans in Lineage 2 Revolution gain exp when clan members donate Adena, Proof of Blood or Red Starstones, completing the Clan Dungeon, etc.The maximum number of clan members and clan storage slots increase based on clan level. As clans level up, more items and clan buffs become available in the Clan Shop. The max clan buff level also increases as the clan levels up. The maximum clan level is 30. At this level, clans can have up to 50 members and a maximum storage capacity of 90 items. A level 30 clan can also have 3 Knights, 2 Captains and 1 Elder positions. (see Hierarchy)

Donations and Contribution Points[ | ]

Members can donate Adena, Proofs of Blood or Red Starstone to their clan to gain clan coins, clan exp and contribution points up to a daily limit of 30 donations for each type of resource. The special resources can be obtained by hunting certain monsters in elite dungeons or completing clan achievements. Proofs of Blood are required to increase the level of clan buffs, while Red Starstone is used to reset Clan Dungeons ahead of the weekly reset. Donations are limited to fixed increments of 2,500 Adena, 40 Proof of Blood and 20 Red Starstone.

Donation values and limits
Resource type Minimum Donation


Daily Limit Donation reward Max. Total Reward
Adena 2,500 75,000 2 Clan Coin 5 Contribution Points 40 Clan Exp Auto-Clear Selection Box
Proof of Blood 40 1,200 2 Clan Coin 10 Contribution Points 400 Clan Exp 180 Clan Coin
Red Starstone 20 600 2 Clan Coin 10 Contribution Points 240 Clan Exp 750 Contribution Points

Members may spend acquired clan coins buying buffs, chests and other items. Contribution points are representative of clan members' donations; higher contribution reflects more generous donations. Members can view each other's donation history from the clan history tab. Contribution points are divided into Weekly Contribution (reset at 4 a.m. every Monday) and Total Contribution (total contribution earned across all previous clans).

Clan resources are primarily spent on overall improvements, unlocking stronger bonuses for all members. (see Clan Hall, Clan Buffs, Fortress Siege, Castle Siege)

Clan Shop[ | ]

The Clan Shop is divided into four separate tabs:

  1. Purchase Shop, where clan members can spend Clan Coins to purchase special items;
  2. Gift Shop, where clan members can spend Blue Diamonds to send gifts to other clan members;
  3. Clan Buffs, for clan members to activate buffs using Clan Coins; and
  4. Clan Leader Shop, which is available only to the clan leader.

Here, members can purchase various items to boost their character such as Equipment Boxes or temporary buffs. Some items in the shop require the clan to reach a certain level before being available for purchase. There are daily, weekly and monthly limits on items in the shop. Daily limits are reset at 12am each day. Weekly limits are reset at 12am every Monday. Monthly limits are reset at 12am on the first day of every month.

There is also the Conquer Shop, which is available only to clans that occupy castles and fortresses. (see Castle Siege and Fortress Siege)

Purchase Shop[ | ]

Items in the Purchase shop cost clan coins to buy. The table below summarizes the cost of each item and the clan level at which it is unlocked.

List of items in Purchase Shop
Item Name Clan Coin Cost Purchase Limit Clan Level Required
Cross of Repentance 15 Daily (3) 1
Elixir Essence Selection Box 12 Daily (1) 2
Soul Crystal Box 64 Weekly (3) 5
Rune Fragment Box 64 Weekly (1) 5
Crucifix of Repentance 120 Daily (1) 7
Varnish Box 16 Daily (1) 10
Summoning Stone Fragment Box 32 Daily (1) 13
Enhancement Scroll Box 20 Weekly (3) 15
High-grade Equipment Box 64 Monthly (3) 30
High-grade Material Box 48 Monthly (3) 30
Talking Island - Rare Monster Summoning Stone 50 Daily (1) Conquer Gludio Fortress
Gludio - Rare Monster Summoning Stone 50 Daily (1) Conquer Gludio Fortress

Gift Shop[ | ]

Items in the Gift Shop cost Blue Diamonds to buy. All items are available at Clan Level 1. These items cannot be purchased for your own character; they can only be sent as gifts to clan members. The player sending the gift uses their own diamonds to send a gift and earns some clan coins for doing so. All gifts will be sent to the receiving player's mailbox. Gifts cannot be sent to characters in different clans and, by extension, other servers.

List of items in Gift Shop
Item Name Diamond Cost Purchase Limit Clan Coins Awarded
Clan Equipment Box (1) 120 Daily (3) 3
Clan Equipment Box (10) + 1 Bonus 1,200 Daily (3) 30
Clan Enhancement Scroll Box (1) 70 Daily (3) 2
5 Scrolls of Escape 100 Daily (3) 2
200 HP Potions 100 Daily (3) 1
200 MP Potions 100 Daily (3) 1
5,000 Soulshots 100 Daily (3) 1

Clan Buff Shop[ | ]

Here, clan members can spend clan coins to activate various clan buffs to assist their character as they venture around Aden. Clan buffs will only apply to the buyer, not all clan members. Buffs all last for one hour and do not stack; additional purchases will refresh the duration. Clan members ranked Captain and above can upgrade clan buffs using Proof of Blood donated by clan members. The cost to upgrade clan buffs increases with each level. Clans start out with two buffs, unlocking more as the clan levels up. The maximum level of each buff also increases with clan level. If a clan buff level is upgraded while the buff is active, the active buff will remain at the previous level.

Clan Buffs
Name Description Cost Clan Level Required to Unlock Clan Level for Lv. 10 Buff
Clan Health Max HP Increase 8 Clan Coins 1 12%
Clan Soul Max MP Increase 8 Clan Coins 1 12%
Clan Shield Def. Increase 8 Clan Coins 3 12%
Clan Might Atk Increase 8 Clan Coins 5 12%
Clan Guidance Accuracy Increase 8 Clan Coins 7 ?
Clan Evade Evasion Increase 8 Clan Coins 9 ?
Clan Movement Speed Increase 8 Clan Coins 11 ?
Clan Deadly Strike Critical Damage Increase 8 Clan Coins 13 ?
Clan Critical Strike Critical Rate Increase 8 Clan Coins 15 30

Clan Leader Shop[ | ]

Clan leaders can use their personal Blue Diamonds to purchase Bonus Time buffs that apply to all clan members. The clan leader's bonus time is active for one hour starting from the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not the clan leader remains logged in. The buff persists, even if players die. Each buff costs 400 Blue Diamonds and can only per purchased once per day.

Clan Leader Buffs
Name Description Clan Level Required to Unlock
Lord's Wisdom HP Potion Effectiveness +20% 1
MP Potion Effectiveness +20%
Lord's Glory Exp. Gain from Defeating Monsters +20% 3
Monster Core Acquisition Rate +20%
Lord's Grace Item Acquisition Rate from Defeating Monsters +20% 5
Adena Gain Rate from Defeating Monsters +20%

* unlike Einhasad's Blessing, the buff from Lord's Glory applies to monsters in Elite Dungeon as well as field monsters.

Conquer Shop[ | ]

Items in the Conquer Shop require Proof of Blood to buy. They are spent from the clan's accumulated donations and only the clan leader can make a purchase. Items purchased from the Castle Conquer Shop and Fortress Conquer Shop are stored in the Clan Storage and can be distributed by the clan leader.

There are three types of Conquer Shop:

  1. Castle Conquer Shop: This shop is available to clans that control castles and is accessible to clan leaders.
  2. Fortress Conquer Shop: This shop is available to clans that own fortresses and is available to clan leaders.
  3. Defense Shop: This shop is available to clans that own castles. Clans can purchase improvements to castle defense structures like Holy Artifact Imprint, Defense Tower, Traps, etc.

Holy Artifacts upgraded from the Defense Shop in preparation for Castle Siege are reset when the Castle Siege ends.

Items available in Conquer Shop
Name Cost

(Proof of Blood)

Purchase Limits Fortress Requirement
Gludio - Boss Summoning Stone 30,000 Weekly (1) Gludio Fortress
Blessed Scroll Box 64,000 Weekly (3) Gludio Fortress
HP Elixir Essence 640 Daily (5) Talking Island Fortress
MP Elixir Essence 640 Daily (5) Gludio Fortress, Talking Island Fortress
Def Elixir Essence 2,560 Daily (5) Gludio Fortress
[S-SR] Soul Crystal of Resilience 25,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress
Weapon Upgrade Stone 15,000 Daily (5) Gludio Fortress, Talking Island Fortress
Armor Upgrade Stone 15,000 Daily (5) Gludio Fortress
Grade S Soul Crystal of Penetration 20,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress
Grade S Soul Crystal of Defense 4,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress
Grade S Soul Crystal of Evasion 4,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress
Grade S Soul Crystal of Crit. Resist 4,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress
Grade S Soul Crystal of HP 4,000 Daily (2) Gludio Fortress

Clan Activities[ | ]

Clan Achievements[ | ]

Clan Achievements are weekly quests that clan members work to complete. They are very large tasks and require clan members to work together in order to fully complete them. They consist of three random quests that run for one week at a time. The type of quests changes based on the clan level and the rewards are different for each tier. When a quest is cleared, the next tier quest becomes available with better rewards. There are a total of 9 tiers to complete for each quest. The quests reset at 4am every Monday. Below is a list of possible clan quests and their requirements.

Quest Name Objective Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 (Max)
Auto-Clear / Clear <Location> Defeat (x) or more monsters in <Location> 600 2,800 6,000 12,000 20,000 31,250 45,000 61,250 80,000
Scale of Wealth Acquire (x) amount of Adena 630,000 2,450,000 4,900,000 9,450,000 16,800,000 26,250,000 42,000,000 61,250,000 72,000,000
A Wealthy Clan Donate (x) amount of Adena to the clan 262,500 980,000 1,925,000 3,675,000 5,950,000 8,750,000 13,125,000 18,375,000 24,500,000
People Who Share Blood Checking into clan (x) or more times 9 28 40 75 100 125 180 240 315
Our Blood Donate (x) Proofs of Blood to the clan 2,250 10,500 22,500 45,000 75,000 112,500 157,500 210,000 280,000
Same Blooded Comrade Greet your clan members (x) times 30 105 200 450 800 1,250 1,800 2,800 3,150
Fresh New Blood Acquire (x) or more Proofs of Blood 8,400 24,500 42,000 73,500 112,000 157,500 210,000 269,500 336,000
???? ????

Rewards for Completion[ | ]

Rewards are separated into Individual Rewards and Clan Rewards.

Individual rewards for completion of clan achievements comprise of some Adena and Proofs of Blood. Individual Rewards must be claimed from the clan page and are not automatically distributed. Any individual rewards that are not claimed before the quests reset will be lost. The table below shows how much Adena and Proof of Blood can be obtained for each tier.

Quest Tier Individual Reward Clan Reward
Adena Proof of Blood
Tier 1 1,000 15 Soulshot Compressed Pack x3
Tier 2 2,000 25 High-grade Material Box x2
Tier 3 3,000 50 Soulshot Compressed Pack x5
Tier 4 4,000 60 Clan Equipment Box x2
Tier 5 6000 75 Soulshot Compressed Pack x7
Tier 6 8,000 85 High-grade Material Box x3
Tier 7 10000 110 Soulshot Compressed Pack x10
Tier 8 12000 125 Clan Equipment Box x3
Tier 9 (Max) 15000 140 Clan Equipment Box x3

Clan Dungeon[ | ]

Clan Dungeons are PvE raids and can require large groups to clear successfully. Players who are not in a clan cannot participate in clan dungeons; players who are not in a clan also cannot join other players in a clan to assist them in clearing dungeons. As such, the "Summon Members" function is disabled for party leaders when inside the Clan Dungeon. On the other hand, clan leaders gain the option to summon clan members into the clan dungeon. All clan members can enter the dungeon at any time, and successful completions provide Clan Dungeon rewards which include clan Adena, clan exp, item boxes and even Rare Skill Pages. You cannot enter dungeons from other clans, only that of your own clan. Each dungeon can be cleared once a week for free. Dungeons can be reset once a day using Red Starstones and all dungeons reset at 4am every Monday. The cost to reset is 400/1200/2400/5040 Red Starstones for very easy/easy/normal/hard difficulty respectively.

Clearing Clan Dungeons[ | ]

When selecting the clan dungeon, clan members are able to view a short description of the boss as well as the recommended Combat Power and party size for clearing that dungeon difficulty. Naturally, higher difficulties yield greater rewards. When the dungeon is not cleared yet, bosses are always spawned, defending their treasure. Bosses within the clan dungeon have multiple passive abilities and AoE skills, are immune to crowd control skills and will summon monsters when their HP gets low. The boss' HP will be reset if all clan members die or leave the dungeon area in the middle of a battle. The dungeon is considered cleared when the boss monster is defeated. Completing a dungeon difficulty makes the next difficulty available; the clan level must also be high enough to unlock the next difficulty level.

Clan Dungeon Rewards[ | ]

The rewards are split into three types:

  1. Individual Participation: Reward for clan members who were present and contributed to clearing the Clan Dungeon;
  2. Individual Non-participation: Reward for clan members who did not participate in clearing the Clan Dungeon;
  3. Clan Reward: Reward shared by the clan.

In addition, the player who contributed most gains a MVP bonus of +200% Adena to their Individual Participation Reward. Contribution is based on damage dealt to bosses; current contribution can be seen on the left hand side while clearing the clan dungeon. The contribution will be reset if all clan members die or leave the dungeon area in the middle of a battle.

Dungeon Difficulty Boss Description Individual Reward Clan Reward Clan Lvl. to Unlock Recommended CP Recommded Party Size
Varkaron (Easy) Varkaron's sharp blades

will cause heavy bleeding.

10,000 Adena; Varkaron's Loot Box; 5 Clan Coins 30,000 Clan Adena; 5,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box 2 83,300 5
Varkaron (Normal) 15,000 Adena; High Grade Varkaron's Loot Box; 10 Clan Coins 50,000 Clan Adena; 7,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box; 2 Clan Weapon Box; 1 Page: Healing Strike 4 187,700 10
Varkaron (Hard) 20,000 Adena; 2 High Grade Varkaron's Loot Box; 10 Clan Coins; 1 Varkaron Core 100,000 Clan Adena; 10,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Weapon Box; 2 Clan Accessory Box; 2 Page: Healing Strike; Red Thread of Fate 8 273,200 20
Queen Ant (Easy) The Queen Ant, deep in her dark cave, is a master of poisons. 15,000 Adena; 1 Queen Ant's Loot Box; 5 Clan Coins 30,000 Clan Adena; 5,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box 6 336,200 5
Queen Ant (Normal) 20,000 Adena; High Grade Queen Ant's Loot Box; 10 Clan Coins 50,000 Clan Adena; 7,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box; 2 Clan Weapon Box; 1 Page: Meteor Storm 10 384,500 10
Queen Ant (Hard) 25,000 Adena; 2 High Grade Queen Ant's Loot Box; 10 Clan Coins; 1 Queen Ant Core 100,000 Clan Adena; 10,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Weapon Box; 2 Clan Accessory Box; 2 Page: Meteor Storm; Red Thread of Fate 12 439,300 20
Cruma Core (Easy) The Watcher of Cruma Tower who controls minds. 20,000 Adena; Cruma Core Loot Box; 5 Clan Coins 30,000 Clan Adena; 5,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box 13 621,600 10
Cruma Core (Normal) 25,000 Adena; High Grade Cruma Core Loot Box; 5 Clan Coins 50,000 Clan Adena; 7,000 Clan Exp; 2 Clan Armor Box; 2 Clan Weapon Box; 1 Page: Defense Zone 15 785,300 20

Fortress Siege[ | ]

On July 12 2017, Netmarble posted a notice announcing the release of Fortress Siege. A brief description of the rules were posted as well.

Fortress Siege

Overview[ | ]

This section provides a brief and concise introduction to Fortress Siege. See the full page for more detailed information.

Fortress Siege is a weekly PvP battle between two clans. Fortresses start out unoccupied until an aspiring clan successfully claims it by winning a siege. Fortresses grant passive bonuses to the clan that occupies it for the rest of the week, until the next Fortress Siege begins. There are a total of 24 unique fortresses that clans can conquer. (as of 1 August 2017,

There are two phases in Fortress Siege: Bidding phase and Battle phase. Clans that wish to participate must successfully bid on a fortress before being allowed to fight for control of a Fortress.

Bidding[ | ]

Preparation for the battle starts with the bidding phase. Bidding is held from 12 a.m. to 9 p.m every Thursday. During this phase, if their clan is lvl. 4 or higher, clan leaders declare their intent to siege a fortress by bidding on their desired fortress. There are multiple fortresses throughout each region, each bearing their own unique buffs bonuses. Only the highest successful bid will be allowed to challenge the defending clan. In the event that a fortress is unoccupied, the top two bids will battle for control of the fortress.

Bidding requires Clan Adena, starting at 500,000 Clan Adena and increasing as clans outbid each other. A bid must always be higher than the previous high bid. Clans may bid on multiple fortresses simultaneously, but there will be a non-refundable fee of 5% of the bid amount. Bids may not be withdrawn, but they are refunded if their bid is unsuccessful. Clans may bid one minute before a bid ends to extend it by 3 minutes. Clans can continue to extend bids 10 times until 9:30 p.m. Clans may only bid once during the extension time, regardless of how many previous bids were made.

The siege matchups will be released immediately after bidding phase is completed.

Sieging the Fortress[ | ]

Battle will run from 9:30 pm to 10 pm on Friday. Clans who were successful in their bid will be able to enter the battle map at 9:20pm and fight for control over the Fortress. Members from participating clans can enter the map by selecting the "Battlefield" option in the menu, followed by Fortress Siege. Each battle lasts for up to 30 minutes. Players who fall on the battlefield will respawn at their base's spawn point after a short duration.

In order to win Fortress Siege, clans must successfully imprint the opposing clan's Holy Artifact within the time limit. Only the clan leaders are allowed to imprint Holy Artifacts and they can't do anything else during the process. If neither clan is able to achieve the objective within the given timeframe, the match is considered a draw and the Fortress will be unoccupied. (the defenders will lose the fortress)

The following battlefields are available:

Fortress Bonuses[ | ]

If your clan wins the fortress siege, they will become the defending clan for the next fortress siege and unlock various items in the Conquer Shop based on the region the fortress is in. Each fortress also grants specific global buffs and regional buffs. Regional buffs only apply to the region that fortress is in (e.g Talking Island, Gludio, Dion, Giran etc...) while global buffs affect all clan members in all locations. (Does not apply in Castle Siege, Fortress Siege, Arena or Dungeons)

It is possible to hold more than one fortress at a time, but it will also require great strength and coordination to win multiple simultaneous battles.

Castle Siege[ | ]

Castle Siege is an intense battle where clans battle each other with all their might. Castle Siege is the core of ‘Lineage2 Revolution’ and the game’s most dynamic and exciting content. Once every two weeks, a battle will occur between the 'Defense Clan' occupying the Castle and 3 'Siege Clans’ seeking to conquer the Castle. A maximum of 200 players can participate, and the clan to win control of the castle will be generously rewarded. Are you ready for Castle Siege?

To win the Castle Siege, the Siege team must imprint the holy artifacts while the defending team must defend their territory for 30 minutes. Only the clan leader can imprint, and they will be defenseless while imprinting – it is up to the other clan members to protect them. Anyone can use the ‘buff crystal’ to turn the tides of battle, but only the defender can set traps to protect the castle.

Diplomacy with other Clans[ | ]

Clans can establish an alliance or declare hostility based on their relationships with other clans.

Alliances[ | ]

You can form alliances with a total of three clans. Allied clans cannot declare war on each other unless the alliance is revoked first. Clan members from allied clans can also benefit from the fireplace in the clan hall. Allies can still participate in PvP against each other in major events like Fortress Siege or Castle Siege.

Declaring War[ | ]

Starting at clan level 5, you can start to declare war on other eligible clans. In addition, the clan must have at least 15 members in order to declare war. Likewise, the other clan must be at least level 5 to accept a declaration of war. A clan can declare war up to 5 times each week, but only one war may be active at a time. The war declaration count resets every Monday at 4 am. The count will decrease even if the declaration is withdrawn.

Wars against other clans occur in three phases: Declaration of War, Wartime and Grace Period.

  1. Declaration of War: The preparation begins the moment a clan declares war on another clan. The preparation period is 24 hours long. During the preparation period, the defending clan has the option to either respond to the declaration of war or forfeit, while the attacking clan has the option to withdraw their declaration. If no action is taken at the end of the 24 hour period, the war will begin automatically.
  2. Wartime Phase: Wars against hostile clans last indefinitely until either side withdraws from the battle. During a war, PK against hostile clan members is always active (with the exception of party members). Killing players from hostile clans will not increase a player's chaotic value.
  3. Grace Period: There is a 48 hour grace period after a war occurs. During this period, clans cannot declare war on each other.

There is no item reward for winning a war against another clan and no penalty for losing either. This function is mainly for prestige and/or open access to PK opposing clans in the field without raising chaotic value.

War Notifications[ | ]

Going to war with another clan is hardly subtle; upon declaring war on an opposing clan, everyone on the server will be notified of your intent. Each action sends out a different notification, telling everyone the news about your clan's victories (and failures).

  1. Declare War: Clan Gludio has declared war on Clan Dion.
  2. Withdraw Declaration: Clan Dion has avoided a fight with Clan Gludio.
  3. Forfeit War: Clan Dion surrendered to Clan Gludio.
  4. War Starts / Defender Response: The war between Clan Gludio and Clan Dion has begun.
  5. Win War(Attacker): Clan Gludio has defeated Clan Dion.
  6. Win War(Defender): Clan Dion was victorious over Clan Gludio.

Gallery[ | ]