Lineage 2 Revolution Wiki

All of the Territories in Lineage 2: Revolution have special bosses that drop special items.

Bosses[ | ]

Image Name Found In
[[File:|32px]] Ahlu Gludin
Alle Alle
[[File:|32px]] Bane King Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Big Hand Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Black Fang Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Cactus Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Canine Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Cotus Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Cox Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Doom Skull Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Frecky Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Freki Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Grinder Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Hookah Windawood Manor
Kazir Kazir
[[File:|32px]] Kobaka Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Melville Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Moretti Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Olvar Gludin
[[File:|32px]] Pointer Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Queen Sylop Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Red Lock Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Red Rouse Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Ruin Wanderer Windawood Manor
Sand Eye Sand Eye Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Sand Hearts Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Sand Lurker Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Shadow Wings Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Shining Teeth Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Silver Beard Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Silverhorn Talking Island East
Spirit Shepherd [[Spirit Shepherd|]] Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Sting (Boss) Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Stone Hearts Barrens
[[File:|32px]] Taarka Talking Island West
[[File:|32px]] Troca Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] Tureka Gludio Plains
Turekka Turekka Gludio Plains
[[File:|32px]] Urca Talking Island East
[[File:|32px]] Vepar Windawood Manor
[[File:|32px]] White Teeth Windawood Manor
Zodiac Zodiac Gludin