Lineage 2 Revolution Wiki

There are a variety of achievements players can get in Lineage 2: Revolution.

Quests[ | ]

Daily Quests[ | ]

Achievement Reward
Clear Episode 1-2 HP Potion x20
Upgrade Your Gear x5 Red Diamonds x20
Clear Episode 1-5 Red Diamonds x20
Get 500 points in Achievements checklist Adena x10k
Achieve 8k in power level B Grade Armor Honing Toolkit x1
Fight in the Arena 3 times Adena x10k
Obtain 20 equippable items A Grade Class-Specific Armor Toolbox
Enter Tower of Arrogance x3 MP Potion x20
Successfully open 3 Rune Slots B Grade Weapon Honing Toolkit
Clear daily dungeons x1 Adena x30k
Complete 5 daily quests Rune Fragments x200
Donate to your clan 3 times Soulshots x1k
Purchase a clan buff HP Potion x20
Complete 1 Elite Dungeon quest Adena x50k
Combine equipment 2 times A-S Grade Honing Toolkit
Level up Soulstones 7 times A-S Grade Honing Toolkit
Clear episode 3-5 Red Diamonds x150
Clear 18th floor of Tower of Arrogance EXP Box
Harvest herbs 30 times from Harvesting Dungeon Red Diamonds x150
Clear episode 4-5 Rune Fragments x3k
Complete your class change S Grade Soulstone Lootbox x1