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A Monster Summoning Stone
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A Monster Summoning Stone is a quest in Lineage 2 Revolution.


Summoning Stones are built from Fragments of Summoning Stones. Gather a specific amount of fragments of each stone and head to Bin menu to bind the fragments into a Summoning Stone. After binding fragments of a specific stone, you can use each one create waves of a specific monsters chosen from a list that is presented to you before you deploy the Summoning Stone. The Summoning Stone is deployed at the current location of your character. Choose that location wisely before you deploy it, for instance, inside your Clan Hall so that no one else takes advantage of it! However it's a good idea to invite your Clan members to a party. It will increase your stats and make it easier. This Summoning Stones allows you to get a lot of cores for the chosen Monster. So choose monster wisely, according your character.

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